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1 week to go in Name Gary’s Kitten Contest. See new kitten photos here!

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, October 30th, 2008 at 8:04 am in Cats, Kittens, Orange kitten.


The new orange kitten is starting to take over my household … and that means, of course, that my other long-time cat, Newman, is NOT a happy trooper. Every time the kitten gets close to Newman, he lashes his fluffy tail and growls like a dog. The “terrified” kitten just stands there and smiles.

Newman hasn’t figured it out, yet, but the end of his world, as he now knows it, will soon be here.

Today begins the last week of our contest to name the little orange kitten. Yes, we’re having a little contest to find an appropriate name.



You helped me find a name for Newman (“Hello, Newman!”), and you helped find a name for Tut and also my long-ago Isis. So it’s most appropriate that you help me name this new orange feral kitten.

Here’s more information about where this little beast came from:

This contest ends on Friday, Nov. 7. Please list your suggested name(s) in “Comments/Reply” to this blog, no later than 5 p.m. on Nov. 7. Please include your name, city and e-mail address in your comment so I can contact you if your kitten name wins the contest.

Contest judges will be me, my wife Lois, and our son Karl. And maybe our present cat, Newman. Maybe. (I’ll ask him as soon as he starts talking to me again.)

** To date, 763 readers have entered names in this contest. Can we go over 1,000 entrees? I think that would be a new record in cat names!

The prize for the winning little orange kitten name is a unique autographed collection of five of my books, three of them out of print. (“A Christmas Story,” “It’s a Wild Life,” and “Isis” are out of print but I still have a few copies. “The Raccoon Next Door,” and “There’s an Opossum in My Backyard” are still around and are illustrated by my friend the artist, Chuck Todd.)

Have fun! /Gary


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77 Responses to “1 week to go in Name Gary’s Kitten Contest. See new kitten photos here!”

  1. Carolyn Barajas Says:

    We had an orange cat like yours we named him Sherbert.

  2. Jennifer Avalos Says:

    Hi Gary,

    How about Sheba?

  3. Nancy Ann Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I keep thinking of new names for little orange kitten.

    How about Sonrisa? Or Risa for short. She looks like a beautiful sunrise which is what Sonrisa means. Hope you like it.

    Nancy Ann

  4. Leslie,Ireesa,Jessenia,Danny Beltran Says:

    Hi gary
    I just read that we were to put our city (as well as name,email address)
    We did not put our city in any of our posts

    We are from Fremont,Ca

    (10/22 Leslie–,
    10/23 Leslie,Ireesa&Jessenia B.
    10/24 Leslie,Ireesa & Jessenia Beltran
    10/25 Danny Beltran

  5. Adonna Dull Says:

    I suggest “Cleo” as I think it would fit in well with “Tut” & “Isis”

  6. Clarice Hill Says:

    I have been saving this name for an orange girl kitty. Zinnia is my choice and she would also be called Zeta (the last letter of the Spanish alphabet)for a nickname.

  7. Karen Says:

    I can’t believe that Orange Kitty is truly feral. She’s taken to you so easily; I suspect she had some human association as a very young kitten, but got lost (or tossed). I’m so glad she’s found you, and I’m sure you, Lois, Karl, and Newman will choose an excellent name from the many wonderful submissions.

    Natasha, my ancient tiny lady-cat, wishes to reassure Newman that this is NOT the end of the world… though it took her about two years to arrive at that conclusion. But then when I inflicted the stray kitten who’d wandered into my life on her, she was 15 years old, all of 5 lbs., and somewhat arthritic. The six-month-old kitten was already twice her size (fully grown, he’s 15 lbs. now). Somehow I don’t think Newman has nearly as much to complain about. Newman, if Natasha can adjust, this should be a piece of tuna fillet for you!

  8. Sarah Says:

    Hi Gary,

  9. Sarah Says:

    Hi Gary!
    I think the absolute best fitting name for your new baby is Tigerella. It is a variety of tomato that has orange colored stripes, a perfect description of who she is and where she came from! Of course you could call her Ella or Tiger for short… or Rella or Tig…
    … but whatever you chose I am so happy for your new animal adventure and I adore your column :)

  10. Mary M. Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I, too, did not realize that I had to list my email address and city in the comment box. I’m Mary M. of Lafayette. My email address is above on the site. I don’t want to list it here for public viewing.

    My suggested name is Isobel or “Izzy” for short. Newman is absolutely beautiful. I hope you find a name that suits your new kitten. She is adorable and obviously loves her new home.

    I adore your column, too, and am happy for you and your family.


  11. Sheryl Roberts Says:

    My first choice was Cleopatra, but someone already said Cleo. Next choice is Elaine (already have Newman from Seinfeld cast). Third choice, Sunshine, my favorite cat from childhood.

    Sheryl from Benicia

  12. Johanna Says:

    Hi Gary!

    That little orange cat certainly wasted no time in establishing herself. She’s quite the cutie!

    My suggestions for names betray my English heritage, I’m afraid:

    Bess – for that famous, if bossy redhead, Elizabeth I

    Boudica – Queen of the Iceni who led an uprising against the Romans. Lengend has it she was a redhead, too. :)

  13. Kristina Says:

    This time of year, the cute little orange things I find hiding under the vines and bushes in my garden are the pumpkins I grow for my grandchildren. Since you found your cute little orange kitty in your garden, maybe you should name her Pumpkin.

  14. Lindsay Says:

    Here’s a buncha names for the new kitty:

    Lucky — for obvious reasons

    Riley — because that’s MY orange cat’s name

    O.K. — because in one of your first columns about her, you said “everything is going to be O.K.” (This was when all your readers realized you had acquired a new pet!)

    K.O. — because that’s what she did to you :-)

    Have a wonderful time with your new friend!

    ~*~ Lindsay

  15. jeannette vonkonsky Says:

    Hi, Gary
    Having lived with furr puddles(cats that you step on in the middle
    of the night) I’ve learned that they own you. All of mine picked me.
    they show up and claim your house as theirs. I still think that Sissy
    is what she will be for Newman. We also have a Newman,

  16. Sonja Meadows Says:

    Hi, I’m Sonja from Antioch, Ca.

    I’m partial to the name Serena. My cats (former, died of natural causes), were named Serena. I love her eyes, perhaps focus on that.

  17. Colleen L Says:

    Hi Gary,
    I had a dream the other night that you named your new orange kitten…Olive! So that is the name I suggest for Newman to consider. Even if it doesn’t get top vote, I hope your new kitty finds happiness is Benicia. See you at Raleys!

  18. Dorothy Seaman Says:

    Hi Gary,

    She loves you!

    I think a good name might be Marmi” for, of course, orange marmalade.

    Okay, Newman, get use to it…you have a new friend whether you like it or not!

  19. Carolyn Shackelford Says:

    Love your new kitten!!! We love Lucille Ball so our choice would be “Lucy” the famous red/orange haired gal! “Little Lucy”!!!!

  20. Annie B Says:

    Since she came from a tomato patch, how about ‘Mater’? That’s a slang term for tomatoes where I come from so maybe it doesn’t make sense to people around here.

    We adopted a semi-feral kitten many years ago. My then 3 year old named her Girl-Cat. She tamed down but then in her old age she seemed to go feral again…avoiding the humans in the family, getting outside whenever she could. The only affection she continued to show would be to rub up against my now teenage son’s stinky feet. The other cat found that as disturbing as I did.

  21. Rose Says:

    Name her Mooch. We had one wandering and mooching her way throughout the neighborhood. After she had kittens in the neighbors sons bed I had her spade. I had posted a flyer and checked the area looking for her owner. I found out people had moved from a house and left 2 cats behind. I ended up with one and the other moved in around the corner.
    I put Mooch in a large dog crate with a litter box and a bed. She and the boys got to know each other through the mesh. It gave them a chance to learn to get along with out isolating anybody. Mooch has even learned to love one of the dogs. Please don’t let her know I noticed! My favorite picture is of the three sitting in the front door gazing out at the world. See no evil, hear no evil, is great evil.

  22. germaine Says:

    I like the name of Gussey.

    Byron, Ca

  23. Miranda Says:

    since the kitten found you in the Fall, i suggest the name ‘Squash,’ as in pumpkin squash, etc.

  24. Rae Mattes Says:

    I like the name “pumpkin” for her. It fits her coloring and the season in which you found her. Its the first name that came to my mind and I’m going with it even though I see at least one other suggested the same name.


  25. Beverly Zamolo Says:

    Good Morning Gary,
    My daughter Kim and I are going to give the name for your new kitty one more shot.
    We think your little orange darling should be named FANTA. Wouldn’t YOU like a FANTA?

    Love this time of year. Have a great season!
    Bev and Kim

  26. Jeff Wilson Says:

    How about the name “Spalding” ?

  27. Susan Rogers Says:

    Greetings Gary,

    You may want to consider “Merricat”. (It’s short for Mary Catherine; I believe animals should have respectable names, no “fluffy” for me.) Certainly a regal little girl whose name is destined to be spoken all around the Bay Area, should have a name which communicates her majestic heritage (all cats are noble, aren’t they?). The name conjures a playful, dancing kitty to me as well, and hints at her mischievous nature.

    I found the name in a Shirley Jackson short story and gave it to my dear kitty in the early 80’s. She lived to be 17. My Merricat has been gone for almost a decade, but I love the memory of my sweet little girl. She was a most loved companion.

    We now have a formally feral kitty named “Lili”, short for Liliokani, the last queen of Hawaii. We also have two children and two dogs. There is really nothing like a cat …

    Susan Rogers
    San Ramon

  28. Helen Westcott Says:

    How about the name “Fire poof” fire because he is oeange and poof because he’s gone in a poof.

  29. jenniferthemom Says:

    How about Clementine? It’s cute and orange.

  30. Anna Marie Tarca Says:

    Hi Gary, I think the best name for your lovely cat would be OrangeBlossom and you could call her blossom for short. have a great day, Anna

  31. Kaaren Smith Says:

    Hi Gary,
    Happy you are enjoying the kitten so much. How about “Bellina”. My Italian grandmother called me this. It means cutie pie or beautiful little one or so darling. A special name for a kitten who arrived under special circumstancesand she’s a cutie.

  32. Melarie Says:

    Gary, Cute cat. How about Toodles? Melarie

  33. carol tormey Says:

    I think “Lucy” would be goood for such a darling cat.

  34. Bernadette Nunez Says:

    I too have a semi stray orange kitten. He lives part time at my neighbors but comes into my house to visit my two cats who turn into lions when Snoopy comes too close.
    I think Ginger, because of his color, or Poof, since goes poof when he goes near Newman would be great names. Newman is a gorgeous cat. I enjoy your column immensely!

  35. Julie R Says:

    Many years ago my husband and I found a scrawny little orange tabby feral kitten and brought him home with us. We named him Pekoe. Although he became an indoor cat along with our redheaded stray cat Lucy, Pekoe always kept his wild streak.

    Your little orange kitty reminds me of Pekoe. However, after reading your column this morning, I think “Poof” is a natural!

    Pleasant Hill

  36. Ruby Miller Says:

    Hi Gary-
    I’m from Pleasanton. I think you should name your new kitty “Peaches”. She is so pretty and seems very sweet. Newman will get over it…maybe. We had a cat who lived to be 22 and hated every new cat or dog we got and outlived several of them.

  37. Claire Kellogg Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I think you should name the kitty Purrsius (for Persius) or Pixie. They both fit the lil darlin!

  38. Shelley Says:

    Hi, Gary and kitties,

    From one seemingly obsessed with food (from great danes named Basil, Chile and Caraway through cats Mocha, Latte, Coffee, Nescafe, Tea, Espresso and Oyster!), my immediate reaction to your new yellow gift was to name her “DIXIE CUP”.

    As a kid I absolutely loved that mixture of orange sherbert and some flavor of white ice cream. It was such a wonderful memory and special taste that some kitty, somewhere, deserves that name. She could of course be called “Dixie” for short…

    Thank you as always for your very special columns.

    Shelley in
    Oakland, CA

  39. George T. Webster Says:

    I think you already have it “POOF”. Great name I hope to use in the future.

  40. Sherry Says:

    Hi Gary-

    I love your column. Orange kitty is beautiful, but the pics of Newman are priceless! Poor guy. I’m sure he was ready to be king.
    I have two ideas for orange kitty’s name. One is Sassy (from Homeward Bound). The name seems to fit her style).
    The other is Sienna, an orange-based color, and a nice name.
    I’m glad she adopted your family.

    Sherry in San Ramon

  41. Rue Osborne Says:

    I think the name Ginger would be cute, or Ginger Snap.

  42. Rue Osborne Says:

    We once had a cat for 15 yrs and her name was Ginger…This would be a good name for your cute kitten, or Ginger Snap.

  43. Terri Morris Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I’m from Fremont. Hmmm, orange eh… How about one of these names for your new kitty?


  44. Glenn Says:

    Orange Julia (“Jules” for short).

    And I’m glad to find your column in the Fremont Argus newspaper now. Yours and Mr. Roadshow are probably my top two favorites. Great stuff! Subscribing to RSS..

    Fremont, CA

  45. Anne Costello Says:

    How about Eureka? It means “I have found it!” She did after all find you. Or in keeping with the Egyptian names, she could be Nefratiti or Neffie for short. I have an 18 and a half year old Siamese named Neffie or Nefratiti and she would be honored to have little orange girl share her name–I asked!

    Anne Costello
    Concord, CA

  46. Brenda Says:

    So many great suggestions. I look at pictures of your new little sweetie and the name Nefret seems to fit so well. I also can see her called Neffie. Whichever of the many suggestions you choose, she’ll love her new name, her new home, and her new family.


  47. Dorothy Doss Says:

    Dear Gary:

    Congratulations on your new kitty! I have two names to suggest for your consideration:

    Chutney (as in tomato chutney–sweet and spicy), and

    Marmalade (as in the orange kind).

    We have a new miniature schnauzer puppy. Our resident 11 year old mini, Daisy, has taken some time getting used to her new sister, but the signs are encouraging. Daisy was increasingly depressed following the loss of our 14-year old golden retriever, and Poppy has proven to be just the medicine she needs. We trust that Newman will soon grow to love his new sister.


  48. Nancy Says:

    How about Houdini for the little kittens name. I think Newman would like to see if the kitten could make himself disappear or at least put him in a straight jacket for a little while. Besides maybe it was a little bit of magic that brought him to your back yard. Hang in there Newman, it will get better!


  49. Lorin Castleman Says:

    Gary: Remember that orange drink Tang that contained so much sugar that you would jump all over the place? So, how about Tang for the orange kitty?


  50. Karen Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I like the name Biscuit.

    Or to be silly, for a poof-y fast cat, how about Bisquick?

    I also like the name Oranges. Imagine calling the kitty in from outside. “Oranges, Oranges!”


  51. Nancy Erickson Says:

    Dear Gary….

    I look forward to reading your column in the morning. Yesterday’s information on your new kitty was especially funny.

    As a former owner of many kittens, it appears their habits never change!! It brought back many happy memories.
    However, since you have such a spirited, curious, red head, there is only one name that comes to mind….Lucy. No one of my age has ever missed the Lucille Ball antics and your new kitten seems to have many of the same wonderful and endearing qualities.


  52. Steve Kawakami Says:


    I really enjoyed reading the article about the orange kitten. My suggestions for names are: Marmalade, Tangarine, and OC (orange cat).

  53. Sibyl Darter Says:

    Two ideas —
    First — Clementine — after the Tangerine know as Clementine Cuties — she’s certainly a cutie (and orange like a Tangerine — also known to come from “the feral world of orchards”)
    Second — Gustine — since Newman is a small town in the Central Valley and Gustine is it’s nearest neighbor that could be a nice pairing

    By the way Newman looks quite like my Siegfried –always into mischief and magic (and yes I have a Roy — a gray tabby who is just good at being sweet, albeit with some OCD water issues)

    Enjoy your cats!!

  54. Sibyl Darter, Livermore Says:

    Embarrasing — I’ll try again

    Two names to suggest

    First — Clementine (after the Clementine Cutie Tangerines, which are not only orange ,but found in the feral world of orchards — and she is a cutie)

    Second — Gustine — Newman and Gustine are two Central Valley towns that are neighbors — and tho different towns – both quite pleasant and fun

    Enjoy the cats — I think they’re very lucky — but I’ll guess they won’t let on they know that too often

  55. Brenda Says:

    I read your column yesterday and the first thing I thought was Poof. Your description of kitten antics was perfect. I haven’t laughed like that in awhile. However I really liked Cleopatra, Cleo for short which several of your readers have already suggested. What ever you name her I know you will enjoy her, love her and give her a wonderful home. Wish there were more people like you.

  56. Bev Anderson Says:

    I would name her “Tiger Lilly” and call her Lilly for short.

  57. Karen Says:

    I think you should name the kitten Winnie(short for Winifred-which means blessed) That is kitten is truly blessed to have landed is such a great home. I am sure she will have a great life. I too am the new mom of an orange kitten. He is adorable but man what a handful!!!
    Enjoy your new life together.


  58. Jim & Jeannie Lent Says:

    We think that “Clawd” would be an excellent name for your new orange kitten. She would certainly be able to live up to the name we are sure.
    Jim & Jeannie Lent

  59. Mary Christensson Says:

    Hi, Gary!

    Are you sure that you don’t want to make the prize the kitten herself? I’m sure that Newman would prefer that option.

    There have been so many submissions, and I haven’t seen all of them, so I’m not sure if anyone has submitted “Persimmon.” So, that’s my final entry.

    Mary Christensson

  60. Mike Buckley Says:

    Hi Gary,
    Love your column & your sense of humor. I have a couple of names I’d like to throw in the ring;
    Claude (as in Clawed)
    Navel (like the Orange)
    Spaz (cause kittens are)
    New-Man (that’s just wrong)
    and last but not least,
    Kit T. (yikes, that worse than De-yo-gee for dogs)
    Enjoy your “kids” and thanks for all you do and provide for the animal community. God Bless!!
    Mike Buckley

  61. Mike Buckley Says:

    Yikes! Sorry I forgot to put I’m from Concord.
    Sorry, Mike Buckley

  62. Felicia Scranton Says:

    Hi Gary!
    My suggestion for your little kittens name is:
    Gin-Gin (pronounced Jin-Jin).

    Felicia Scranton

  63. Felicia Scranton Says:

    Hi Again Gary-
    I forgot to put that I’m from Livermore.

    Felicia Scranton

  64. Sandy Cameron Says:


    Cute little orange kitten. Since it was foud in your garden, how about Valencia.I do not know the name of the orange colored tomatoes but, along the same theme.
    The name of Sherbret is also nice..or go fancy like Sorbet.

    Last July a white fuzzy kitten showed up at my door, hot and thirsty. I named him Albert Einstein, he is kind of clutsy, definitely not a scientist. A year later he is hugh, grey and white stripes with beautiful green eyes. Drives my other two cats, Newman and Dorian crazy. Have fun with with your little orange kitten.

  65. Claire Kellogg Says:

    Hi Gary

    O.K. one more name suggestion: Cricket.

  66. Diane Grosser Says:

    I think Pumpkin is best but if you don’t pick that then I was thinking since “Tut” sent this kitten to you to comfort you and terrorize Newman maybe she should be named “Tootsie” or “Tutsie” the female version of “Tut”

  67. Diane Clark Says:

    Hi Gary,
    How about Flame as a name for your little orange kitty? In the future it can be “Put the blame on Flame, boys – – Put the blame on Flame”. (Taking a little liberty. thanks, Rita Hayworth.)

    Diane Clark


  68. Jackie Brasesco Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I had a friend whose cat was named Clawdine (which I think is a very clever name for a kitty). Also, another thought was, since you already have Newman you could call your new friend Bea or Brie (short for the Newbie in town).

    Whatever name you chose, I think she is a very lucky little girl to have found a home at the Bogue residence.

    Crockett, CA

  69. Diane Clark Says:

    Hello again, Gary,
    I got the idea for Flame from buying tomatoes (Flame variety) from Smith Family Farms on Sellers Rd.

    Diane Clark

  70. Diane Grosser Says:

    I’m from Antioch. I already suggested the name Tootsie but didn’t put that I live in Antioch

  71. Julie R Says:

    Hi Gary —

    The Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland could appear and disappear at will. Remind you of anyone?

    I suggest that your little orange kitty be named Cheshire. Perhaps the nickname of Chessie, the sleepy tabby kitten from the old railroad symbol, would help her calm down!

    Julie R
    Pleasant Hill

  72. Alice Says:

    Hi Gary
    I sent a bunch of names to your email rather than here – just looked at this.

    My favorite is ALANI. It means “orange” in Hawaiian.

    Redwood City

  73. Barbara Gonzales Says:

    Hi Gary,
    My name suggestion:
    L.O.K. pronounced: Lock (Little orange kitten!)
    Simple enough.
    Hope I didn’t submit too late!
    Barbara G

  74. Odette Kelly Says:

    Hi, Gary, I had a problem entering info., so I’m a little late. I’ve had these names listed for awhile now, but could not get to my computer until this afternoon. I hope you will still consider my submissions. We have 2 large dogs and 4 cats–all rescues. Our female orange tabby, “Ginger,” looks almost identical to yours. She is very active, very sweet and was spunky as a kitten. Other names I would suggest: Bonnie, Daisy, Taffy, Abby, and Amy (“friend” in French: amie, f.)–or Amie.

    I read that cats respond best to names which end in a long e sound. Best wishes with your new (very cute) kitten. Thanks for the opportunity to participate! We love your column. Sincerely, Odette Kelly

  75. Larry B Says:

    My choice for a name would be “Tau” which is Setswana for lion. When I was in the Peace Corps in Botswana, I saw several lions and your kitten reminds me of them.

  76. Tracey H Says:

    Gosh – my entry wasn’t listed here, so I must have sent incorrectly! The name I have in mind for your little feline is “Boo”. She reminds me of the darling Monsters Inc. little girl character in the Pixar movie. Boo is giggly, rambunctious, adventurous, and very loveable. Plus, if she continues to scare off Newman, Boo would be an appropriate name. Tracey Haught, Walnut Creek

  77. blah Says:


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