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Not sure making dog fighter & ex-Falcon Michael Vick a Raider is a good idea

By Gary Bogue
Monday, November 3rd, 2008 at 8:59 am in Dogfighting, Michael Vick, pit bull.

There was a column on the Sunday sports pages in Bay Area News Group newspapers headlined, “Vick could be a dynamic fit in the Raiders’ offense,” and a sports story just below the column, “Could ex-Falcon Vick join Raiders out of prison?”

Both thought Vick would fit right in and be a “dynamic” addition to the Oakland Raiders pro football team.

There’s even an on-line poll at asking “Would you like to see the Raiders acquire Vick?”

I wonder what the volunteers at the hard-working non-profit pit bull rescue organization, Bad Rap — — would have to say about that? Or the other pet rescue organizations in the Bay Area? Or the people in the Bay Area who care about dogs and the humane treatment of animals?

Even as we speak, Bad Rap and a few other organizations are still trying to find homes for the very pit bulls Michael Vick abused in his dog fighting ring.

They have a lot of time and effort and love invested in these dogs … and I don’t think they’d take too lightly to having the man who abused these fine animals being brought to the Bay Area, signed up for millions of $$$$ to play for the Oakland Raiders and then lavished with attention and adulation because he knows how to throw a ball.

It will be interesting to see what happens if all this comes to pass.

I’m not sure even Al Davis want’s to step in the middle of this one … but then again, you know Al Davis … he’s always stepping into stuff … and not always by accident. /Gary

Read the sports story on Vick at

Read the sports column on Vick at

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7 Responses to “Not sure making dog fighter & ex-Falcon Michael Vick a Raider is a good idea”

  1. Rgil Says:

    Didn’t he pay nearly $1 million dollars for the care of these ANIMALS? I’m sure it would be interesting to see how much of this money went for the care of some dogs as opposed to the salary of those that are still trying to find them homes. If no one has claimed these dogs by now, it’s time to put them to sleep like dogs are put to sleep everyday. Get over it already. There are hungry, abused children everyday and when was a parent that committed abuse ever sentenced to pay for their child to be the state’s care? This was all some bandwagon for people to jump on; otherwise, these dogs would already have a home. I mean, how many dogs were there? You all act like it was 1000’s of dogs. GET OVER IT ALREADY

  2. Shelley Says:

    He was supposed to pay for the dogs, but geez, he seems to have wiggled out of that, imagine that…. Hopefully he rots in prison and never plays again. I truly hope the NFL doesn’t allow that low life to EVER play again. He needs to work with abused animals, under supervision of course. GET OVER IT? Are you really that heartless? Go to the website they have a wonderful section about the Vicktory Dogs ( they took 22 of them) What loving dogs they have become.

  3. oakland4ever Says:

    How can anyone take a nice domesticated dog such as a Border Collie & throw them in a pen so they can get torn apart for practice? Sick, sick sick & so are the people who defend these kind of inhumane actions. I’ve been a Raider season ticket holder since 1995 & even though the team is down, I’ll stick with them. However, if they were to sign Vick, I’m DONE!!

  4. Mary M. Says:

    Anyone who supports a future career in sports for Vick (which would make him a role model) needs a reality check.

  5. rktek Says:

    Rgil: I am still trying to get over you.

    Vick should be banned from professional sports for life. While difficult to rationalize in terms of the law, it still seems morally correct and justified.

  6. Billie Holmes Says:

    Vick should be banned for his lifetime against playing. Shame on the Raiders for even considering him.

  7. Dean Jackson Says:

    It’s all about greed, big money, and those people who live their lives in quiet desperation – – – they really don’t want to climb out of their holes – – -.

    Let’s encourage and train more of the low-lifers in our society who have the dog fighting for profit mentality and those sociopatic tendencies to get into the ring and beat their brains out, or even kill each other from time to time. Then, destroy the fighter who is barely still alive. There is still plenty of human stock available, and much profit still to be realized.

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