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BAD RAP agrees Michael Vick is BAD NEWS for Oakland Raiders

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, November 6th, 2008 at 9:15 am in Dogfighting, dogs, Michael Vick.

Donna Reynolds, executive director of BAD RAP, the non-profit pit bull rescue organization that is trying to find homes for many of the dogs than Michael Vick abused in his dog fighting operation, dropped me a note commenting on my Nov. 3 blog, “Not sure making dog fighter and ex-Falcon Michael Vick a Raider is a good idea.”

Donna’s note:
Thanks for writing this, Gary.

I’ve been a bit behind in my reading and didn’t realize til now that some were already speculating about Vick’s chances as a Raider. Yikes!

Considering that the full ugly details of his execution techniques have been under wraps pending his state animal cruelty charges, it would backfire on the Raiders to offer a home to this man — and in the same town as his victims, no less.

Dog fighters are saints compared to what this guy did to dogs that wouldn’t fight.

Not in my Oakland.

Thanks again.
Donna Reynolds, Executive Director BAD RAP

Thanks, Donna. /Gary

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5 Responses to “BAD RAP agrees Michael Vick is BAD NEWS for Oakland Raiders”

  1. John Says:

    Please. We have no right to be sanctimonious about Vick.
    All of us are just as guilty of participating in animal cruelty as Vick if we eat or have ever eaten animal products.
    There really is not too much difference between people enjoying themselves at a barbecue as people enjoying themselves watching a dogfight.
    Are people aware, for example, that when they are slaughtered, chickens, pigs, cows must be kept alive so that the blood is pumped out by the force of the heart beating? or that they might still be conscious while being dismembered on the line?
    These animals are not any less intelligent than the dogs and cats we keep. Pigs are considered more intelligent than dogs.
    I really can t see what gives us the moral right to stand around villifying Vick. Maybe its just to hide or assuage are own guilt.

  2. Barbara Says:

    “Sanctimonious about Vick?” Guy, don’t even consider me part of the drivel. And, using a two-bit comparative of barbecuing meat to a jerk whose method of killing animals is by way of anal electrocution, and other alternative means, just ain’t gonna fly with me.

    I don’t have the ability to predetermine the methods used to kill the hamburger meat or chicken that I purchase from a grocer. I HAVE learned what does take place in slaughterhouses, and I can 1) continue to financially contribute to investigative agencies that determine where practices of abuse are taking place; 2) continue asking the appropriate legislators to intercede and reclassify similar Vick actions from misdemeanor to felony.

    But to consider myself as the equivalent of Vick, whose methodology of killing animals is because of a bad hair day and is instilled by already illegal activity, is too subjective, too generalized and conclusory.

    It would be equal to my overlooking your mother getting her teeth knocked out by someone because elder abuse is common and because she is of no relation to me.

    Vick has been busted. Sentencing is next month. I’ll provide the popcorn.

  3. Barbara Says:

    “Vick has been busted. Sentencing is next month. I’ll provide the popcorn.”

    Correction: Sentencing took place. My. Time flies. Unfortunately in this instance too fast…

  4. John Says:

    Compared to illegal dogfighting, the quantity, if not the quality, of abuse that takes place as a result of consumption of animal products is far worse. The only difference being one happens to dogs, “mans best friend,” and the other happens to cows, pigs, chicken, and sheep.
    A well planned methodology does not necessarily decrease animal suffering.
    That is not to say the dogfighting is not horrible abuse and should not be illegal, but rather the villification of Vick in the media is hypocritical.

    His attitude toward the animals he abused mirrors the attitude the rest of the society has toward the animals it consumes. The attitude is that of a non-identification with the individual suffering, pain and death of each animal.

    Those who participate in animal abuse by buying animal products or betting on dogfighting are indeed responsible. They are more responsible than the party performing the abuse. Vick would never run a dog fighting operation if there were not willing participants (the people who pay to watch or bet) Animal warehouses and slaughterhouses wouldn t exist without the people who buy the milk, meat, eggs, leather, fur, etc..

  5. boby Says:

    what happened to redemption you need to get over it and let this man live his life get over it the public should focus on serious issuses than this man trying to rebuild his life so to all the haters learn to forgive

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