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The contest is over & Gary’s new little orange kitten has a name!

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 at 6:24 am in Cats, Jasmine, Kittens.


Meet my new little friend, Jasmine

It gives me great pleasure to announce that :”Jasmine,” with the nickname “Jazz,” is the new name of my little orange kitten.


My wife Lois and I spent most of Sunday afternoon and evening going through the unbelievable 1,165 entries in my Name Gary’s New Little Orange Kitten Contest. I have never seen so many different cat names in one place in my life!

Jasmine REALLY fits this little doll. I knew it as soon as I saw the name and so did Lois. After we first found her in our backyard tomato patch, she spent a lot of time hiding in the tangle of our huge jasmine plant while I was trying to tame her down. She’s also full of jazz. One hip little kitty!

Thanks to all of you who entered my contest. Interacting with you is what makes this job so much fun. You are the greatest readers in the world!

Two people entered the name “Jasmine,” but they did it a week apart. So the winner of this contest and the first one to enter the name “Jasmine” in the contest is:

Susan Zahn of Oakley, California.

I’ll be getting in touch with Susan to make arrangements to deliver her prize, an autographed collection of five of my books.


As I also printed in my daily newspaper column, here is a list of the 12 most popular names you entered in the contest and the number of times they were entered:

1. Pumpkin (100) … 2. Marmalade (79) … 3. Punkin (32) … 4. POOF! (27) … 5. Ginger (27) … 6. Lucy (26) … 7. Autumn (21) … 8. Tang (17) … 9. Tangerine (17) … 10. Poppy (14) … 11. Cheddar (12) … 12. Clementine (10).

Needless to say, that leaves a LOT of other names that were entered. Here are a few of the more fascinating names:

Jackie O’Lantern … Nacho … Conundrum … Gotcha … Newman’s Nightmare … Purrsius … Poo … Richard Parker … Caltrans … Zip-purr … Cheeto … Butterscotch … Cosmo … Hazel Mae … Mrs. Bigglesworth … October … Purrcilla … heirloom … Popsicle … Peachy Queen …

As you can see from these photographs, this is a neat little kitty.

Thanks for being a part of all this fun. /Gary


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20 Responses to “The contest is over & Gary’s new little orange kitten has a name!”

  1. kay connor Says:

    Love the name, so perfect. Jazz has such a pretty face! I can’t, however, see how “little” describes her – think she’s going to be a very big cat when grown. A kitten, whatever size, however, is so much fun. Ah, Newman. Such a mellow fellow. Congrats!

  2. Alexandria Daley Says:

    Hi Gary!

    What a cute kitty! She has that “don’t mess with me” look about her. Watch out Newman!!!

    Thanks for your wonderful column. It came in handy when we were deciding on whether to let our little (3 lbs) teacup Chihuahua run around in the backyard without an escort. We read that column about the couple with a 10 lb Chihuahua and the hawks in the neighborhood and decided we will play bodyguard for a very long time. We also have hawks and have always kept a wary eye on them.

    Thanks again!


  3. Gary Bogue Says:

    To Kay:
    She only weighs 5 pounds but the vet says by checking her teeth that she’s about 6 months old. I think she’ll be petite. But time will tell.

    To Alex:
    I think you’re wise to play bodyguard for your tiny teacup. Everything from hawks to big neighborhood cats might try to pick on it.


  4. Pat Clark Says:

    What a darling name for a darling kitty.

  5. Joan Says:

    Your Newman looks EXACTLY like our Alex even down to the white whiskers. He looks just as grouchy as Alex did when in Aug 2006 we brought home our orange tabby male kitten, Mowry (named after the street in Fremont that sounds like a cat saying its own name). Mowry and Alex are now buddies, and I have pictures taken just a month or two after we adopted Mowry to prove it – they were in a kitten pile!

    I just discovered your column a few weeks ago and I am really enjoying it!

  6. Gary Bogue Says:

    Welcome aboard. Glad you’ve joined the fun!
    (Newman is legion!)

  7. Hazel Bright Says:

    Hi Gary!

    Been enjoying your story of Jasmine. On April 25th, a mommy kitty had her litter here in our backyard, she moved her kittens and left 2 behind. As night was approaching my husband and I watched to see if Mom would return, and so was the male tom cat! Since Mom did not come back, we took the two newborns – one orange and one gray and took care of them, bottle fed them and gave them our affection and love. The little gray girl, Coco, has a wonderful home with our friend, Julie in San Bruno and we now have our orange kitten named Sparky! I do think that our orange kittens may be from the same litter!!

    After April 25th, I saw Mommy kitty once and not again. Our Sparky is just full of life and from time to time terriorizes our older cat, Georgie -she puts up with him and has the same expression as Newman. I have to laugh at how similar our experience are!!

    Take care and have fun with Jazz!

    Hazel Bright on James Court

  8. Judith Parent-Smith Says:

    Jazz is very cute! What about those tall pointy ears? I wish she were at my house but since she isn’t, I’ll trust you to care for her.

  9. Nancy Gilman Says:

    Jasmine is a cutie, but really love the pics of Newman. Very aloof, typical cat! Such a handsome boy.

  10. Gary Bogue Says:

    I don’t dare tell Newman that. His head is already much too large as it is … /Gary

  11. Mary Says:

    Jasmine is such a beautiful kitty, but I could
    have sworn you said you found her in your
    tomato patch? Hence the name I entered was Roma!!

    Best Regards

  12. Gary Bogue Says:

    We did first spot her in our backyard tomato patch and Roma was a great name, along with many other tomato-type names.. But during the ensuing weeks while I was feeding her and trying to tame her down, she hid in a lotof spots. We have a large jasmine plant draped around our back deck, down to the ground, and the kitten often ran and hid in the middle of the jasmine when frightened. It seemed to fit. She’s definitely a Jasmine, with a nickname of Jazz, which she’s full of. Thanks for entering. So many beautiful names. We had to pick something. /Gary

  13. Jan Says:

    Jazz is a great name for the little orange angel. She is a very lucky cat to have found you!

  14. Susan Zahn, Oakley Says:

    WOW! Jasmine is a perfect name! And I can’t believe I won the contest!! I am sooo excited to have won and to be receiving a set of your books Gary! I completely forgot that today was the day that you were announcing the name and the winner. I couldn’t find the paper this am when I went to look for it (husband off today & he got to it 1st!) so I hadn’t read your column today. Earlier this evening I got a phone call from my niece, Haley, and she started telling me about seeing my name in the paper for winning a contest. I was still clueless so I kept questioning her about what paper, what contest, when, etc. Finally she told me that I had won the “Name the Kitty Contest”! I screamed with disbelief! I just couldn’t believe that I had forgotten that today was the “day” and that I had won out of ALL of those entries! And the next call was my mother-in-law, Toni, calling to congratulate me too!!

    Thank you for choosing the name “Jasmine”. It sounds like the name was meant to be! And I am truly overjoyed to be the winner and recipient of your autographed books!

    Susan Zahn

  15. jan carroll Says:

    I have been following your orange cat story with interest because we have a feral cat voluntarily integrating into our family(two other cats). In the last three months thing have changed from a extremely spooky cat to where the cat eats inside four times a day and lets us pet her when feeding occurs. Sweety is now hanging around the yard and will sometimes let us pet her outside. We don’t make her stay in at night with the other cats but that will probably change with the rains. I think we are on the road to a new member of the family like you. Jan

  16. Peggie Davis Says:

    So inspired hearing you’ve adopted your new Jasmine…sorry Newman isn’t being a good sport…but it does take time, as you well know!

    Anyway, congrats and though it’s like having a baby to train once again, I’m sure you and Lois are up to the call!

    Bless you for forever caring…

    Warm Regards,

    Peggie Davis, Saint Mary’s College of California

  17. Shirley Palacio Says:

    She is ADORABLE!!

  18. Gary Bogue Says:

    Sigh. I know! /Gary (PS: she’s also a brat!)

  19. John Robertson Says:

    Can you please provide more details on this.

  20. ROBERT LEE Says:

    C.C. Jazz is the name our rescued and most amazingly communicative classic tabby. Beth, my wife who has never named any of our many animal residents though the years, was asked to name him. She aptly arrived at “Jazz”, it was purrrrfect – I added Cool Cat Jaaazzzzz and it just flowed purrrrrfectly. He has bowls in our kitchen and our bedroom with a custom designed sign above,(I would love to share,I don’t know how to attach it here), that reads Cool Cat Jazz.

    When i heard of your new additions name – I just had to share – It is purrrrfect!

    Animal advocate,

    Robert Lee

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