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Shooting acorn woodpeckers: Just a few in Rossmoor want to do it.

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 at 9:50 am in Acorn woodpeckers, Depredation Permits, Rossmoor Retirement Community.

Acorn woodpecker by Brian Murphy, Walnut Creek, Calif.

Dear Gary:
I love your column and hope you are still coming to Rossmoor on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, your column and the paper in general has touted “Rossmoor” as the evil hunters of the Woodpeckers. Let me explain that the community of Rossmoor is made up of different areas that have control over the actions in their “Mutual.”

The issue of removing the Woodpeckers is the result of that Mutual of 235 homes making that decision, as they have the right to do. Meanwhile the other 6,142 residences in Rossmoor have nothing to do with that decision, nor any control over it.

It’s unfair that the whole community of Rossmoor be made to look foolish and uncaring by the action of a small group of residents. Hopefully the suggestions in your column for getting the woodpeckers to move from the houses will be tried and work.
Nancy Turnier, Resident of First Walnut Creek Mutual, Rossmoor

Sorry about that. I hope people who read this are now aware of the real situation.

Thanks for letting us know. I also hope those Mutuals that want to kill the acorn woodpeckers will get in touch with Brian Murphy of Walnut Creek (925-937-8835) and take Brian up on the FREE offer to put together some acorn woodpecker granaries near the problem Mutuals in an attempt to attract the woodpecker away so they won’t end up being shot.

They should at least give Brian and his great ideas a chance.

Yes, I’m still speaking to the Rossmoor Nature Association on Wednesday afternoon. I’ve had it scheduled for months.

I’ll be talking about common myths associated with urban wildlife. A VERY fascinating subject. /Gary

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  1. bhf Says:

    I haven’t followed this story as closely as I should, but I am thinking that it may be just a handful from the 235 residences that made the decision. The Board of Directors of the Association probably (and legally) made the decision without consulting the membership. It would be worth looking into. If this is true, it is a shame that a few limit their ideas to such measures. What will they want to do next?

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Please forward this on if you will. We are happy to set up a free consultation with the residents to look at more humane – more importantly LASTING solutions to the problem. Rebecca – WildRescue 831-869-6241

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