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Gov. Schwarzenegger wants to TAX your PETS

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, November 20th, 2008 at 7:35 am in Governor Schwarzenegger, Pet Tax, Pets.

Dr. Brisbin, DVM, gives Jasmine a checkup at Benicia Cat Clinic
kitten teeth

Mike Markarian’s blog — Animals & Politics — on Tuesday (Nov. 18) was about the vet services tax that’s being proposed by Gov. Schwarzenegger. Yes, I didn’t know about this, either.

Markarian is the president of the Humane Society Legislative Fund, a non-profit that lobbies for animal welfare legislation and works to elect humane-minded candidates to public office.

If you’re like me and VERY concerned about this, please read on and find out all you can about the “Pet Tax” that Arnold is proposing so you can see what you can do about it. Do you want your vet bill to be considered as “nonessential or luxury services” and be taxed accordingly every time you have to take your pet to the hospital? I hope not.

What follows is an excerpt from Michael Markarian’s blog of Nov. 18. A link follows that so you can click on it and read the rest of his enlightening (and concerned) comments.

Markarian’s blog entry on “Taxing Prognosis for California’s Pets”:
“The current economic crisis has impacted many aspects of our lives, and pets are no exception. Pet food and regular veterinary care are necessities, not luxuries, for the companion animals in our lives, and we can’t skimp on these costs without jeopardizing the health and safety of our pets. Animal shelters are filling up with dogs and cats who were abandoned or relinquished when their families lost their homes due to foreclosures.

“Rather than find solutions to help pet owners during this money crunch, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has found a way to make matters worse. He announced plans to add a sales tax on veterinary services … “

Read the rest here:

My biggest concern about this is that a lot of cash-strapped people may decide to stop taking their pets to see their veterinarians to avoid paying the tax. That would NOT be a good thing for the health of their pets. /Gary

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12 Responses to “Gov. Schwarzenegger wants to TAX your PETS”

  1. Diann M. Andersen Says:

    If our comments are published, will our name be published along with them?

  2. jb neber Says:

    as a senior who needs the companionship of the canine and feline species in order to continue life, i am appalled at ANY suggestion that this relationship is NOT a bond that is as vital and essential as any human relationship.

    therefore, taxing health care of ANY kind is a monstrous consideration.


  3. Gary Bogue Says:

    Diann: However you are logged in is what gets published. For example, you are logged in here as Diann M. Andersen.

  4. Barbara Says:

    Methinks as opposed to creating a selective means to punish people who pay for the well-being of animals, a re-evaluation is needed regarding a specific governor’s personal “distribution of public funds.”

  5. mary Says:

    I think the tax on these services is unconscionable. Medications will be bought on line from out of state companies to avoid the taxes. I adopted a dog through a rescue organization last year. She turned out to need about $8000 worth of major medical care which we could scarcely afford, but found the funds to cover it – adding another 9-10 per cent to that cost would have made it unaffordable. She would have either been returned to rescue or left to die. What a great choice.

  6. Gayle Reece Says:

    How can there be a sales tax on a service? Isn’t that wrong? Sales taxes are for products. Crazy idea.

  7. Maggie Says:

    Arnold needs to increase income taxes on the wealthy, not add more sales taxes for essentials on regular working people! But then he’d have to tax himself and his friends, so I guess that won’t happen. Why does all this greed always trickle down so hard on our heads from above???? This what you get for electing a Republican California! Tough on us!

  8. Julie Says:

    As a person (100% disabled) who actually has a PRESCRIPTION for keeping her 2 cats (no kidding, for the mental health benefits they provide… my doctor did it so my idiot landlord couldn’t force me to give up my cats! It would have KILLED me!) this is something I just can’t take! SSI is BARELY enough as it is! now he wants to take MORE out of what little I have? Gee, thanks Arnie!

  9. David Wilmont Says:

    Assuming this is being classified as a luxury tax, how about shifting it over to cars over 40k, or boats over 25k, or restricting corporate bonuses to 10k instead of 10m, or restricting salaries to 3M instead of 10-200M some executives make? Those monies have to be luxuries because they sure aren’t necessities. But taxing kitty cats and puppy dogs for their illnesses or basic care is not logical. They are kept because people need love and people need to give love. Of course those executives love to receive those 10m bonuses. Bet they don’t love to give 1k bonuses to their employees who submit their daily lives to them. them.

  10. Mary Heidinger Says:

    OMG….Next they will be taxing our kids going to the doctors…. Also Gary, I have a neighbor who recently passed away and has left 2 outdoor cats that she always fed, the family has taken care of the indoor cats but they have no room for the outdoor cats. Who can I call, they are very friendly, I am afraid they might starve to death. I don’t want to take them to the pound cause I’m afraid they might get put down. Please help…I try putting food and water on my porch in case they come by, but no guarantee… I also am not in the position to take them. Whats your thougts on this… thank you.. Mary

  11. Elizabeth Says:

    This is outlandish and insulting. Animals rely on humans to take care of them, including spay and neutering to help keep the population at a manageable level. By taxing pet care, this would make stray animal populations grow even faster, increasing the required kill rate in the future.
    why not tax GAS that will at least help improve the environment by decreasing gas use and therefore pollution. Why pick on pet owners who are already strapped? Unfortunately a lot of families would likely let their pet slide into bad health to save some money.
    Governor, can’t you think of something better? Taxing pets is the wrong approach. You should at least NOT tax spay and neuter services, since they are doing society a favor. Use your head, man.

  12. kim Says:

    i dnt think that it is fare to tax us even more for our pets food is something that they need they have to eat. if you rase theses things the people who are already on fixed incomes are going to be even more behind to help get there pets what they need i think that itis another way for the rich people to get more ahead leave uslittle people alone let us keep our pets

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