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I can’t believe a mourning dove did this to my window!

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 at 7:24 am in Birds, Mourning dove, Window.

Mourning dove into window by Tony Martarella, Walnut Creek, Calif.
dove window2

Dear Gary:
About a week ago I was standing in my bedroom when I heard a thump on the window. The shade was partially down so I didn’t see what caused the noise. When I looked out I saw a bird lying on the sidewalk below.

I ran out to see if it was still alive but, unfortunately, it was not. It was an adult mourning dove.

A few days later I pulled the shade up and was shocked and saddened at what I saw. What would cause a bird to fly straight into a window like that?
Ronnie, Walnut Creek

Mourning dove into window by Tony Martarella, Walnut Creek, Calif.
dove window1

Dear Ronnie:
This is, unfortunately, quite common. I had a dove hit my back window and leave a similar mark on the glass last year.

Something (a hawk?) may have frightened your dove, causing it to swerve into the window. At certain hours of the day when the sun is at just the right angle, some windows are like a mirror, reflecting open sky, trees, etc., and looking like a safe place to fly (until they hit it).

A one-time accident can happen like this on anyone’s window. If it happens again and again on the same window, you may need to modify the reflection by hanging a potted plant in the middle of everything.

If that doesn’t work, try stretching a large piece of that black nylon bird netting in front of the problem window. It’s hard for us humans to see so it doesn’t look bad and the birds will bounce harmlessly off the netting without hitting the window. The bird netting is available at most garden supply stores.

Sorry about the loss of the mourning dove. /Gary

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  1. william sawyers Says:

    I’ve caught and released many birds at my school here in Concord. 10 sparrows, 1 Dove, 2 Humming birds, and a swallow tail. Never had one die from hitting window yet,
    all birds released safely.

    From a Head Custodian of an Elementary School and a Child Author. if you love birds I’ve written 2 story’s.

    Check out my web site

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