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Would you REALLY do this for your dog?

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 at 6:24 am in American Kennel Club, dogs.

American Kennel Club survey on canine companions

A survey conducted this month by the American Kennel Club shows that despite a tough economy, pet owners are willing to sacrifice many daily luxuries to provide for the needs of their canine companions. Here’s what the AKC says:

According to the kennel club, a survey of over 1,000 people found that:
** More than 96% of respondents with a taste for gourmet coffee would give up their latte habits to save money for their dog’s expenses.

** 97% said they would forgo massages or spa treatments in order to afford a vet bill.

** Nearly 79% would cancel a teeth whitening appointment so their dog could have its annual teeth cleaning.

** 65% would regularly eat Ramen noodles before they would skimp on their dog’s high quality food.

** 59% would perm or color their own hair in the kitchen sink in order to keep their dog’s appointments art the groomers.

Some other cutbacks pet owners are willing to make for their dogs:
** Cancel gym membership (72%)
** Cancel cable or satellite service (50%)
** Push back plans for home remodeling (89%)

Wow! I’m overwhelmed! I’m not sure I could be talked into giving up my morning mocha for my cat!

So join in on the fun.

What luxuries are YOU willing to sacrifice to provide for the needs of your dog? Add your comments below. /Gary

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4 Responses to “Would you REALLY do this for your dog?”

  1. ms Says:

    Absolutely. My dogs brings me great joy and happiness. I consider them my family. Is some cultures, dogs are considered food. In my culture, dogs are considered family. Both extremes may baffle some people, but to each his own!

  2. Susan Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I found an old column of yours regarding your beagle, Mr. JoJo. This is the first article I have ever been able to find about the beagles from the U.C. Davis Colony.

    One of our beagles, Mikey, passed away on October 11, 2008 after giving us almost sixteen years of his amazing life. Coincidentally, his legs had also “given out” on him and despite several cataract surgeries, his vision was impaired and he could no longer hear. Mikey’s parents were part of the U.C. Davis beagle colony and Mikey was born at the Marin Humane Society shortly after the colony was disbanded.

    I apologize for writing on this particular thread but wanted to share the phenomenal creature who carried the legacy of the UCDavis Beagle Colony. Ironically, in his later years after the sad and untimely death of the amazing Dr. Pedroia (neurologist/Santa Rosa) Mikey’s primary vets were all at UC Davis. While Mikey suffered through years of epilepsy, hypothyroidism and ultimately, insulin-dependent diabetes; he was an extraordinary beagle. He died with perfect teeth, a strong heart and a gentle, resourceful and quite brilliant mind. Mikey’s ability to reason was quite incredible. We have finally removed the bungey cord from our fridge .. albeit reluctantly! Mikey could not only open the fridge but would systematically remove dozens of items and bury them under the gazebo in preparation for a future smorgasbord. Mikey had an uncanny ability to tell time and would employ dozens of tactics to notify us that it was time to eat. Having no voice (something to do with not having heard his Mother bark while in vitro), Mikey was required to invent ingenious methods to make his “voice” heard. These included, pushing the button on my office chair which was so effective, I rarely missed snack time .. to walking outside of the living room, standing in the hallway and repeatedly batting on the french door with his paw to get attention.

    I’d love to hear more about Mr. JoJo the amazing therapy beagle.

    Thank you.


  3. Adele Louise Bertaud Says:

    Mr. Bogue,

    This is not pertinent to the above, but is to the woodpecker dilemma. I sent an email to the Rossmoor person, and hope that it helps stop the hired gun from coming out. I am a member of the Audubon Society and am impressed with the organization. You should know that the email given for Tami whoever was not valid.

    Hope things turn out well for the woodpeckers and for the Rossmoor folk. I always find it interesting, and sad, that people complain about animals invading “their” space when it is we who have invaded theirs.

    Adele Louise Bertaud

  4. Aubrey Truka Says:

    Is this product available just in America or is it available all over?

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