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Amazing video of a Cooper’s hawk on a clever hunt to catch a sparrow

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, December 11th, 2008 at 8:30 am in Cooper's hawk, Hawks, Hunting.

In my last entry I wrote about a Cooper’s hawk in my backyard that used a sneaky, outside-the-box hunting technique to catch a sparrow on my bird feeder. Talk about small worlds! Here’s a video I just discovered of a Cooper’s hawk on a similar sneaky hunt, poking around on a patio until it gets a chance to fly up and grab a sparrow on a feeder from below!

This video was taken by YouTube user omniscientomar and used here under a Creative Commons license. He was feeding his 1-year-old kid (background sounds) while he took it.

Amazing! /Gary

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One Response to “Amazing video of a Cooper’s hawk on a clever hunt to catch a sparrow”

  1. CAROL HESS Says:

    What a great video. We saw a Cooper’s hawk on Saturday, February 26, 2012, along the canal trail near John Muir Hosp. What fun to see all of the pictures here on Gary Bogue’s site and this wonderful video. Thanks. LOL at the surprising ending of this posting.

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