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FooPets: Adopt a scary new virtual pet. Next stop, virtual humans?

By Gary Bogue
Friday, December 19th, 2008 at 8:14 am in FooPets, Virtual Pets.

I got a press release Wednesday announcing “FooPets: World’s Most realistic Virtual Pets Launched Today.”

They’re not quite ready to start adopting out these virtual pets to humans, but they are taking orders from people interested in giving it a try. You can check them out for yourself, and even “play” with a selection of FooPets at

When our pets become virtual … can virtual humans be far behind?

When we all become virtual, who will turn on the computers? As I said, scary. /Gary

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20 Responses to “FooPets: Adopt a scary new virtual pet. Next stop, virtual humans?”

  1. Connie Butler Says:

    Gary, I went to Foopets to check it out & loved it. I have alot of friends who play games on their computers.I can see me adopting & playing on this site.It was cute & fun but does not replace any of my 4 real cats. Just something to have fun with.
    Happy Holidays.

  2. Chistine Says:

    Well facebook members hate the new version! check out the post! Its rating will quickly go down from. And yes many has already removed the application. The dogs don’t do anything and frankly the developers made them look like FREEEKS!

  3. Liz Says:

    I was a fan of Pokey on facebook (the application that was the lead up to foopets), and now I am a bigger fan of foopets. I think the new look pets are fantastic – their movements are spot on, and, at risk of sounding like a girly girl, they are just toooo cute!! :)

    The program is designed as an educational tool for families and children looking to own a real pet, to help instill a sense of responsibility, before it comes to crunch time. Although this ethos has not impressed a large number of users, I still love going to visit Rastus my Rottie everyday… He is a great pet for me to have, as I live in a unit/apartment, and cannot own an animal, and the application offers the chance of developing a great online social network.

    As for virtual humans being on the way – they have been here for years!!! Anyone who plays the Sims game will tell you that they love to make choices that determine the outcome of their human, as well as the social network available to them, also.

    Anyway! That’s me done – just wanted to throw a bit of a positive light on the foopets program….

    Liz :)

  4. Judy Says:

    I was a Pokey user months before they became FooMojo. Pokey was much better. FooMofo was unprepared for release. The whole site is a mess! They took a wonderful FREE game and made it to where you WILL pay money out of your pocket if you continue on. I will only stay as long until I run out of thier FooDollars. …Also the ratings they claim are way off! I believe they are using the ratings from when they were Pokey. Many, many people are very unhappy with what they’ve done. For every voice heard,,there are 20 more that’s not….Thank-You

  5. Dyan Says:

    As you can see from some of your replies, not everyone is happy with FooPets. Most of them came from the Facebook network and got used to playing a game that we all grew to love. No one likes change. That’s what FooMojo did. The Pokey! game was changed to FooPets. Now, the person that said the pets were turned into freeks, likely hasn’t been back to FooPets since the users were given the choice of their original Pokey! pup or the new FooPets pet. There does not have to be any money involved unless a person chooses to spend money on the game. Many people will, I’m sure. Check out the game. Give it a chance, and make your own detemination of if you like it or not. Personally, I love Alley, my rottie FooPet!! Thanks for your time. Dyan

  6. kd3569 Says:

    Gary, re: can virtual humans be far behind? Apparently not: Check out Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro at

  7. Rosann Lavallee Says:

    Foopets is better than the old one. there is a lot of extras, some have removed it because it is not complete to be on myspace and people just are impatient and cant wait….cool new dogs now,backgrounds,toys,houses, and stuff. not just 1 same pet that everyone has. my kids love it and keep them busy.

  8. lesley Says:

    i <3 foopets!

  9. Molli Says:

    FooPets is an amazing site. Great graphics. I’m Nockster on it. My friends are all on it, and they all have pets. The game is great, absolutely wonderful.

  10. karla Says:

    I come from foopets and eventually it gets boring since the pets do the exact same animations everytime, you will hear from the comunity if you don’t take care of the pixel pets, to decorate you need to spend your money to buy foodollars or enter to their sponsors programs where they ask your personal information and make you buy stuff or you wont get rewarded. The stuff is per se very expensive you also have to buy food. Either wait for months to save up for one item or use their sponsors. It is planned the pets will die, get sick, all adding up to the expensive factor of this.

  11. heather Says:

    I do not understand why anyone would not be impressed. The animals are very freaking cute if you ask me, but I just barely made a pet, so I’m not sure how much I’m going to like it. The only problem i would have with it is if you really have to spend real money to take care of it. That would be ridiculous. Other than that, the animations are limited, but they just have opened up. I’m excited to see what other plans they have in store for their program. I love it so far <3 It’s better than just pokey which I loved in the first place. there’s much more than just one pet, and decorations and whatnot :]

  12. Dan the Dragon Says:

    I like foopets their great.And you don’t realy have to spend foodolars on them you can buy every ting with gems witch are given for free if you take good care of your pet(s).

  13. Taylor Says:


    My review of Foopets.

    When I was playing Marapets, I saw the Foopets advertising and I clicked on it, signed up and I adopted an orange kitten and it got boring becasue they’re weren’ any games to get foodollars, so I might quit.

  14. Aspen Says:

    Lolz Sims is a game where you make a family of humans! Haha wow what has our world come to…

  15. Amanda Says:

    wat kind of scary animals

  16. mnh Says:

    I have a Foopets account and I love it. I can own as many pets as I like and get to make friends around the world. I have real pets at home but soon they will pass so I got them on my Foopets account so when my real ones pass I will always have them on Foopets. I have made about 230 friends and I talk to about 10 of them everyday plus my sister has one so I can talk to her since she lives with her mom and I live with mine. I do reccomened this site to people who wants a pet but can’t have any cause even though it is online it’s still real. I look forward to getting more pets for my family and making new friends.

  17. Maythai Says:

    i love foopets its like a good website to people that dont have pets.

  18. Zoey Says:

    how many pets can you have on foopets!:D plz tell me!!!!!:S

  19. Yingyee Says:

    Well hey gary. I cant get in for foopets because they changed it and then you have to be a clubfoo member to adopt and play with your pet that sucks! Can you guys please change it Cause then i can’t play with my pet :(

  20. Tyler Rogers Says:

    I Have 19 Foopets On . They Are The Cutest Little Things! I Am a Clubfoo Member And If You Would Like To Friend Me Go Ahead 😉 My User Is: FooTyty- And Just So You All Know, I’m 10 Years Old:)

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