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ASPCA reports top 10 pet poisons of 2008. Save this list!

By Gary Bogue
Friday, January 2nd, 2009 at 6:58 am in ASPCA, Cats, dogs, Pets.

It’s the second day of the new year and I just received the following press release from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in New York (

ALL pet owners would be wise to read this information carefully. I think you’ll be surprised at some of the potentially deadly things you may have lying around the house … just waiting for your cat, dog or bird to find them. Be careful, the life you save may be that of a beloved pet.


Top 10 Pet Poisons of 2008
Is your pooch cuckoo for chocolate? Does your kitty like deep conditioning treatments? Sadly, not everything we love is good for us. In fact, many common household goods that we take for granted as harmless can be disastrous for our furry friends. In 2008, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center in Urbana, IL, handled more than 140,000 cases of pets exposed to toxic household substances, including insecticides, cleaning and beauty supplies and prescription medications.

To help you prevent an unhappy accident in 2009, our experts have created a list of the top 10 poisons that affected our pets last year. Here’s a sneak peek at their advice:

** TOP DISHONORS go to human medications, which accounted for approximately 50,000 calls to the Animal Poison Control Center’s 24-hour hotline in 2008. Pets often snatch pill vials from counters and nightstands or gobble up meds accidentally dropped on the floor. “Keep all medications in a cabinet,” advises Dr. Helen Myers, veterinary toxicologist at the ASPCA. That includes pain remedies like ibuprofen and acetaminophen, as well as antidepressants and decongestants, which are all harmful to pets. More details at

** OUR EFFORTS to battle home invaders — like bugs and mice — resulted in nearly 39,000 cases of pets exposed to insecticides and rodent bait. Be sure to place toxic rodenticides out of reach of curious canines who might be attracted to their smell. The misuse of flea and tick products can also cause serious problems for cats. Avoid using any treatments not specifically intended for your pet. More details at

** SOME OF THE MOST delicious people food — including citrus, avocado and raisins — can be poisonous to pets. Last year, the ASPCA fielded more than 13,500 calls of pets exposed to various foods. Chocolate ingestion accounted for nearly half of those cases, so be sure to keep the cocoa hidden from your resourceful cat or dog. More details at

** HOUSEHOLD PLANTS may keep your house green and your air clean, but some can cause serious gastrointestinal problems for companion animals who nibble on their stems and stalks. In 2008, plants accounted for more than 6,300 calls to the Animal Poison Control Center. Check out our toxic plant list before your next visit to the nursery. More details at

As always, if you suspect your pet has ingested anything toxic, please call your vet or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s 24-hour hotline at 888-426-4435.

Read our complete list of top 10 pet poisons of 2008 at

Special thanks and a Happy New Year to the ASPCA for keeping us up-to-date on this kind of important information. /Gary

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