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Cat uses human “facilities” on her own, without training. Does she flush?

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 at 7:06 am in Cats.

cat uses toilet

Dear Gary:
My Siamese cat, Saki, started using the toilet on her own. I have never heard of a cat doing this without training. I have two separate litter boxes that are constantly cleaned, so I can’t figure this out.

Is this common with other Siamese cats?
Barbara Ortwein, Castro Valley

Dear Barbara:
This is the first I’ve heard of any cat doing this without being trained to do it.

Did Saki scream “Close the door!” the first time you saw her using your bathroom? Did she flush?

Are there any other cats out there in never-never land using human bathrooms without training?

Please add your comments below. Thanks. /Gary

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14 Responses to “Cat uses human “facilities” on her own, without training. Does she flush?”

  1. Joan Says:

    Years ago a friend’s daughter swore to me that her cat did this. She suspects the cat watched her and figured out what to do. I’m not sure with their walnut-sized brains that they can make these deductions, but apparently it happened. Maybe it was so young it thought she was its mother and copied? Who knows.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I have heard of this a lot in our business – my company makes a cat toilet training kit. It’s not common but there are many stories out there just like yours. Here’s to no litter – congratulations!

  3. Laura T. Says:

    Years ago a friend told me about one of her cats that started using the toilet without training. It was a great story, because the first time she learned of this talent, she was alone in her small apartment. Then she heard tinkling in the bathroom. She was worried about what kind of insane burglar would break into an occupied apartment, just to use the toilet. Peeking around the corner changed her fears to laughter. But she never could teach her kitty to flush!

  4. Gayle Reece Says:

    No one is supposed to flush the cat litter box leavings. Wouldn’t this be just as dangerous for the marine life? Don’t the cats pass on diseases to the sea otters etc.? Gary?

  5. Karen Says:

    I believe you don’t flush the litter box leavings because the litter can clog up the toilet. Any waste that goes down the toilet gets cleaned up in a treatment plant.

    We had a pair of sibling kittens and tried to train them to use the toilet. The female almost caught on, but the male was clueless, and the female was drawn to follow his example. So, litter boxes for us.

  6. Gayle Reece Says:

    This is from Wikopedia: Cat feces can contain a parasite, toxoplasma gondii, which can harm sea mammals. Flushing cat waste has been linked to the death of sea otters, whales and porpoises in the US and the UK. The parasite can survive sewage treatment and then travel down rivers until it gets to the sea. The only safe way to dispose of it is via land fill or incineration.

  7. When are people going to realize that massed produced dog and cat food are not good for their pets? | Insider Pet Says:

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  8. Maggie Rufo Says:

    Gayle is correct, and in fact, the state of CA passed a bill forbidding the flushing of cat litter down the toilet. Of course, there is no enforcement. All there is is a sticker on cat litter containers saying don’t flush…Taxoplasmosis survives the water treatment process and is ending up on our bays and ocean. Please don’t flush cat waste! Having a cat means cleaning a litter box, just like having a dog means having to walk it and pick up its waste. California Sea Otters are having a very difficult time surviving, that is why the bill was initiated and passed to try to reduce this factor of taxoplasmosis in the water.

  9. Maddy Says:

    Wait, then if the cat “waste” harms sea life, wouldn’t ours to? I mean really? Is cat “waste” more harmful than ours? Come on, we eat “stuff” to! Cat litter sure, just teach it to use the toilet, but what goes in it?

  10. Debbie Brubaker Says:

    I had a similar experience to the woman in the small apartment. I was alone in my home office. I heard the tinkling sound of peeing in the toilet. I was freaked out, and quietly sneaked to the bathroom which is the next room over. Low and behold, my Miss Kitty Thing was using the people facilities. I have seen her do this since a few times and usually know that she has been there as the evidence is apparent without toilet paper. She figured this out on her own. If I could only teach her to flush….

  11. Felinepeachy Says:

    With all the methamphetamine chemicals that get dumped into the delta from the filthy little drug lab boats that line the slough, do we really need to worry about a cat turd? Birds carry parasites too, should we stop them from flying over the water? If you want to know what’s killing our sea life it’s people and their careless dumping of poisons and garbage into the water.

  12. jackman Says:

    I have read about a wild jungle cat (I’m not sure exactly what kind of cat) that sits on a tree branch above a running stream, or river to do its toiletries.

  13. MM Says:

    There are parasites, and then there is toxoplasmosis, which comes from cat feces. This parasite causes seizures in sea life like otters and they can no longer survive in the wild. Endangered Sea Otters that are infected usually die of drowning and if rescued have to receive constant anti seizure medication and can never live in the wild. Go visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium to learn all about it. This Parasite also killed some of the beavers in Martinez because people can’t stop washing their cat waste down the drain. I live in an Apartment and I realize the difficulty but have a little consideration for our planet because I for one would like to leave behind a nice place for my grandchildren one day a long time from now!

  14. Aradia Says:

    I have a question. I learned about the use of toilets for cats and thought that was pretty cool. And bound to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. So, I ended up moving to California. I had not trained my cat to use the toilet until much later. (i.e. after moving to California.) Now someone tells me the other day that it is illegal to flush cat waste and litter down the toilet. Now I wonder who authorized the sale of flush-able cat litter, right here in Santa Monica, CA. A city by the bay. If this is so harmful, with the toxins and such in the cat litter, then how is it I never in my life, living in 5 other states, even heard of flush-able cat litter. It comes in Gallon sized plastic containers, just like milk jugs, and a notice on the front touting its flush-able quality. I used this litter when I trained my kitten. You only need to use very minimal amounts when training them, and this was on the label of the cat litter, stating that it was safe to flush. ??? FYI, she did flush once, and it scared her so bad, she could not leave the bathroom fast enough. Weird though, as when we flush, it never bothers her.

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