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Are these little screech owls cute, or what? Nest boxes really work!

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 at 6:13 am in Nest boxes, Screech owls.

Screech owl nest box. Photo by Carol Meyer, Galaxy Press, Concord, Calif.
screech nest box1

On Jan. 8, S. Sprague of Concord wrote my column, wanting to know if any of my readers have had success using screech owl nest boxes?

Yesterday, I received this note:

Screech owl watches TV through window. Photo by Carol Meyer, Galaxy Press, Concord, CA.
screech nest box2

Many years ago we put up a flicker box and a screech owl has nested in it for about 3-5 years. The “spouse” seems to reside on top of the box under the eves of the house. (I am sure it is the male, God forbid the wife would have to sleep outside.)

It seems like every day around dusk a little head pops out of the box and watches us in our routines. Many times the little owl lands on the window sill and enjoys a good movie (really a die-hard 49er fan) with us.

Check out the attached pictures — they pretty much tell it all.
Tom & Carol Meyer, Galaxy Press, Concord, Calif.

Dear Tom & Carol:
Great screech owl photos! I’ll pass the information along to S. Sprague of Concord.

Would you like a tour of my nest box? Photo by Carol Meyer, Galaxy Press, Concord, CA.
screech nest box3

If anyone is interested in building (easy to do) and putting up a screech owl nest box to attract these great little owls to your yard, or barn owl nest boxes, or any owl nest boxes, here is a great Web site , complete with simple plans and instructions on where and how high off the ground to place the nesting box:

Have fun! /Gary

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3 Responses to “Are these little screech owls cute, or what? Nest boxes really work!”

  1. Maggie Rufo Says:

    It’s really really important NOT to put up owl boxes if you are using any form of rodenticide or gopher poison, and if you have screech owls using pesticides in your yard is a no-no as they eat many insects!! More information on this issue is available at

  2. Barbara Says:

    Tom and Carol: Very sweet pictures. I hear these little guys, but never see them in my area. (Those eyes make the owl look like he/she is a 4th cousin, 50 times removed–or words to that effect–to my cat… He’s always on a guilt trip.).
    Gary: This will be a *maybe* project for me. I certainly have enough cypresses. On the other hand, there is open space and LOTS of trees behind me.

  3. owlfreak Says:


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