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Alaska Governor Sarah Palin strikes again

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, January 15th, 2009 at 7:01 am in Beluga whales, Endangered species, Governor Palin.

I just received this note from Kieran Suckling, executive director, Center for Biological Diversity, about what Gov. Sarah Palin wants to do with Alaska’s endangered beluga whales:

Dear Gary:
Governor Sarah Palin just announced she’s making the state of Alaska sue to strike down Endangered Species Act protection for the imperiled Cook Inlet beluga whale. The rare white whale’s population has already plummeted from thousands to just 375. They will certainly go extinct if Palin has her way.

This isn’t the first time Governor Palin has tried to sacrifice endangered species to the oil and gas industry. Last August, after a Center for Biological Diversity-led campaign won federal protection for the polar bear, she filed suit to strike the protections down in order to make things easier for Big Oil in the Arctic.

The Center’s lawyers and scientists are in court already to block Palin’s anti-polar bear actions, and we’ll soon jump in to save the beluga from her clutches as well.

Apparently, it’s not enough for Palin to promote the shooting of wolves from helicopters. Her bloodthirsty attitude towards wildlife extends to wiping out whole species that are barely surviving. She is going after endangered animals with missionary zeal, ignoring government scientists and running roughshod over the law.

In the words of Brendan Cummings, the Center’s master legal strategist on saving marine mammals: “Governor Palin must be suffering from an Ahab complex. She has an irrational obsession with driving the white whale extinct.”

I’ll keep you posted on developments. In the meantime, we won’t rest. We have to win this one for the belugas.
Kieran Suckling, executive director, Center for Biological Diversity

More about this and other Center projects at http://www.Biol

It’s not cheap to fight these legal battles to protect endangered wildlife. If you can afford to make even a small donation to their efforts, please do so. You can find out how to contribute to their Legal Defense Fund at

Thanks for caring. /Gary

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