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Disaster Response: Take this local training and get involved!

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 at 8:39 am in Disasters, Noah's Wish, Pets in Danger.

Dog caught in flood. Noah’s Wish photo.
dog rescue1


Where: 4651 Gleason Dr. Dublin, Ca.
When: March 7-8

Ever wonder what you would do if you and your family, including pets, were faced with a disaster?

I’m sure many of you still have vivid memories of TV film footage and newspaper photos of the aftermath of recent disasters of the Hurricanes of the 2008 season that struck the Gulf Coast again, or the flooding in the Mid-West, or wild fires here in California. Did you know that Noah’s Wish and their trained volunteers were there to give much needed aid with food, water, shelter, search and rescue, and veterinary medical services?

All pet services provided by Noah’s Wish are free to the victims of disasters. If you are like many caring people who sat in their family rooms watching, and reading, day after day and wishing you could do more, here is your chance.

Where: 4651 Gleason Dr. Dublin, Ca.
When: March 7-8

Noah’s Wish, an El Dorado Hills, California, based organization whose singular focus is keeping animals of all types and sizes alive during disasters, is presenting a special two-day training session for potential local volunteers. Training mimics a mock-disaster response, so those who sign up must come prepared to take care of themselves in a challenging environment.

This means camping with your classmates, packing an air mattress, sleeping bag and two days supply of food and water. No luxury accommodations or conference-style lecture halls here. This training scenario is aimed at preparing volunteers both mentally and physically for the challenges they will be facing during a disaster deployment.

Are you capable of temporarily roughing it to help others during disasters?

Learn important information on Pet CPR & First Aid, Animal Intake, Volunteer Information, Disaster Safety, Information on Floods, Decontamination for Animals in Flood Waters, Rabies Information, Pet Loss and the Stages of Bereavement, How to Care for Horses and Poultry During Disasters and so much more.

Space is limited. For more information on how to register go to or call 916-939-9479. Registration closes 5 days before the training date.

Want to get involved and help? here’s your chance. /Gary

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  1. Deborah Stout Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I wanted to let folks know about disaster response training that is available through United Animal Nations in Sacramento. Their Emergency Animal Rescue Service is just one of their many programs, which include Premarin awareness and rescue of Premarin mares. Information on EARS is available here: Their workshop schedule for 2009 will be posted here shortly.

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