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Do you want to pay a TAX on your PETS?

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 at 7:26 am in Pets, Veterinary Tax Proposal.

Jasmine visits her veterinarian, Dr. Brisbin.
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Gov. Schwarzenegger wants to TAX your PETS to help solve the state’s budget problems.

(I’m writing about this again because it’s important.)

Do you want your vet bill to be considered as “nonessential or luxury services” and be taxed 9 percent every time you have to take your pet to visit your veterinarian?

Regular veterinary care for our beloved companion animals is a necessity, not a luxury. We can’t skimp on these costs without jeopardizing the health and safety of our pets.

9 percent sales tax on pets:
Here we are doing our best to get people to take better care of their pets, and now California wants to legislate a 9 percent tax on all veterinary services, including medications, to help solve its budget problems. Pet surgeries, spaying and neutering, etc. are already expensive. Another 9 percent on top of everything else is going to stop a lot of people from giving their pets the proper care they need … because they won’t be able to afford it.

Animal shelters are filling up with dogs and cats who were abandoned or relinquished when their families lost their homes due to foreclosures. And now the state of California wants to add even more pressures on already stressed families and give them another reason to have to lose their pets?

No way.

Say NO to a tax on your veterinary services.

Call the Governor’s office and let him know that trying to balance the budget at the expense of your pet’s health is not acceptable!

Call 916-445-2841 and follow the instructions.

Press 1 for English.

Wait and press 5 to “voice your opinion on a current hot issue.”

It will ask you to press 1 again if you’re calling about the Veterinary Tax Proposal, so press 1.

Press 2 if you are against the tax.

Tell your friends. /Gary

CVMA asks Schwarzenegger to quash vet services tax proposal:

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5 Responses to “Do you want to pay a TAX on your PETS?”

  1. Barbara Says:

    This makes me think back to the SF Mayor’s temporary light bulb to fine people who don’t use appropriate “recycle bins” at their places of residence to distribute their trash. I suggested to that Mayor that all he was doing was inviting the public to further dump along California highways *already* filled with trash.

    The Schwarzenegger Plan sounds equally as stupid. Taxation because of companionship? Is that fair to the elderly, disabled, children, families, singles, anyone (and now me with a broken knee cap?).

    I don’t know where these elected officials are scraping up these dimwitted ideas–but I’m not viewing them as in “public interests.” Rather, politicians are coming across as scavengers attempting to dream up seemingly creative, albeit stupid, ideas to protect THEIR personal pay.

    I’ll press 2 because I am against the tax. I’ll even write a few letters. Heck, I have a minimum of six weeks in which to write letters. It’s been five days and I’m getting bored…

  2. Barbara Says:

    I called the governor’s office and pressed all the necessary numbers to leave my opposition to the vet tax. This makes me think of when they in San Francisco made you pay to use the toilets.

    Don’t these people in office realize how many senior citizens living on fixed incomes have pets and need them to help their quality of life and to extend their lives?

    I voted for Arnold, but would never vote for him again for anything.

  3. Barbara Says:

    Barbara, that was one point I brought up in my letter to him, i.e., companionship and service animals. It’s his plan to even tax those who need animals for medical assistance? Then, too, where does he plan to draw the line within the medical realm? Judgments could possibly infract ADA regs.

    I wouldn’t let public opposition to this idea rest with pressing a digit on a telephone. Letters, e-mail, are “tangible.”

  4. Mary Christensson Says:

    Thank you, Gary, for keeping us all apprised on the Rossmoor woodpecker situation and on the proposed veterinary services tax. Providing specific telephone numbers and email addresses to direct our protests has been enormously helpful.

    Both situations should be making people mad as hell.

  5. Leslie Medina Says:

    If Arnold passes this bill, I will never again vote for him!!! Hey Arnold, I have an idea, how about a 9% tax hike (or more) on cigarette smokers who are draining healthcare costs on all of us tax paying americans???????

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