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British Kennel Club: Breeding shakeup angers purebred dog breeders

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, January 29th, 2009 at 7:47 am in Dog breeding, Dog Show, dogs, Westminster.


From The Times (London), Jan. 14, 2009, by Valerie Elliott, Consumer Editor:
“The classic British bulldog, a symbol of defiance and pugnacity, is to disappear. A shake-up of breeding standards by the (British) Kennel Club has signaled the end of the dog’s Churchillian jowl. Instead, the dog will have a shrunken face, a sunken nose, longer legs and a leaner body.

“The change has angered the British Bulldog Breed Council and it is threatening legal action against the club. Robin Searle, the chairman, said: ‘What you’ll get is a completely different dog, not a British bulldog.’”

Last summer, the BBC ran a documentary called “Pedigree Dogs Exposed,” showing how breed standards for certain dog breeds were seriously affecting their health.

Bulldogs, for example, can have skin problems (infections in the skin creases), breathing disorders caused by their flat faces, cleft palates, trouble breeding because of their strange anatomy, etc. Other breeds have their own problems.

You can read this very interesting Times (London) story at

One continues to wonder why this HUGE uproar in Britain over purebred dog breeding has not resulted in even a whisper over here in the United States?

I wonder if they’ll mention it during the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this year on Feb. 9 and Feb. 10? Film at 11:00, as they say. /Gary

133rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show TV Listing:

Monday, Feb. 9
8-9 p.m. USA Network, live
9-11 p.m. CNBC live

Tuesday, Feb. 10
8-11 p.m. USA Network, live including Best in Show

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