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Spring on Mount Diablo. Isn’t it beautiful?

By Gary Bogue
Friday, February 27th, 2009 at 5:59 am in Mount Diablo, Seasons, Spring.

Spring on Mount Diablo. Photo by Brian Murphy, Walnut Creek

Spring is my favorite time of year on Mount Diablo. Everything is so beautifully GREEN!

In fact spring is my most favorite time EVERYWHERE. That’s why I’m leaving on vacation for the next two weeks so I can enjoy the different shades of green I’ll find in the different places I plan to visit.

I’ll be back on Monday, March 16. While I’m gone, here’s something to remember:

Photo by Brian Murphy, Walnut Creek, California

** Be sure and check out our live “Goose Cam” … a real-time Webcam of Mother Goose … the Canada goose who has built her nest and incubated her eggs on a Contra Costa Times rooftop for the last four years. She appears to be incubating  6 to 8 eggs, depending on how accurate the count has been from those of you who have been watching her and attempted to count the eggs when she stood up to turn them. (If you get a good look at the eggs, try and count them and then e-mail me the results to Thanks.

ENJOY the Goose Cam:

Have Fun. See you on March 16. I think Mother Goose’s eggs will be just about ready to hatch when I get back. /Gary

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  1. Tania Selden Says:

    I am seeing nocturnal animals during the day. What’s going on? The first week in February I saw an animal smaller than a cat, feasting on the broad edge of a planter in front of a public building. I have never seen a wild rat, but I think it was one. It walked carefully into the twigs of a low hedge when other people approached. The second week in February two raccoons trundled through my backyard on their way to the front yard. What safety would sidewalks and streets provide in the daytime? Today, February 28, I watched a huge raccoon squeeze under the gate and zig-zag into the back yard. Are these creatures too hungry?

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