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Mother Goose hatches her eggs LIVE on our roof for all to see!

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 at 8:57 am in Mother Goose, Mother Nature.

Mother Goose tends her baby by Susan Tripp Pollard/Staff

Thought you’d all like to know that the windows in the second floor hallway in the Contra Costa Times building overlooking the little rooftop where Mother Goose is hatching out her eggs are draped with pink and blue balloons (“It’s a Boy!” “It’s a Girl!”) put up by people from our Advertising Department.

There’s also a plate of chocolate eggs and PEEPS sitting on a chair … being passed out instead of cigars … as a steady stream of editorial, advertising, production, pressroom and other staff members are passing by the windows and taking quick peeks at Mother Goose as she deals with her new goslings.

“Anyone have any e-champagne?” said Jim Schnitzen, one of the many on-line viewers.

As soon as the eggs started to hatch on Monday (March 23), Susan Tripp Pollard, a Times’ photographer, ran upstairs to the hallway window next to the nest and took the above photo. GREAT SHOT, Sue! Perfect!

You can continue to view our Mother Goose as she deals with her new youngsters:

The Contra Costa Times own Mother Goose, Walnut Creek, California. Photo by Joe Boessenecker, Walnut Creek, Calif.
cct goose

Here are a sampling of the comments listed under the various blogs I’ve written about the goose since back on Feb. 12. They kind of say it all:

So exciting!!! I have seen triplets thus far. What do you call the mother of nine? This is so much better than the publicity of the octuplet mom! She has been so attentive and nurturing! (Lori of PA)

It was great to have the crash course yesterday of seeing the eggs, seeing Mother Goose turning the eggs, seeing one baby hatching from an egg. Every other time I pulled her up on the screen, she just sat there and stared back. Mother Nature’s Cliff Notes can be a wonderful thing! Thanks to you guys for putting up the cam! (Barbara)

It is so nice to see MG and her babies — I was just on the HSUS website, the Seal Slaughter in Canada started this morning. Knowing at least MG is safe and appreciated has cheered me up quite a bit after seeing the reports from the ice up there. (Kelley)

I am going through empty nest syndrome all over again, when this is over! It has been so enjoyable! (Jenni)

Momma Goose is VERY attentive. Some of the chicks look like they are trying to sneak out … this is so cool! (Barbara of Ariziona)

Ooooooo, I want to see! Too late tonight (it’s dark). and leave for work too early in the AM. DARN this work stuff getting in the way. (Pat in Antioch.)

I am very happy I found this site. (marble doctor, Canada)

I’m watching them hatch from Bailey, NC. I’ve always been a big fan of Canada Geese. This is just so cool. Thanks guys! (Marge Edwards, NC)

We are totally smitten. I have so much to do but absolutely can’t break away. We saw this one then the three. (George and Heidi)

At one time yesterday afternoon, there were 265 people watching the Mother Goose Cam. Pretty good! And let us not forget that we wouldn’t have this wonderful Mother Goose Cam if Ray Saint Germain, our Multi Media Editor, hadn’t put it up! Thanks, Ray! /Gary

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8 Responses to “Mother Goose hatches her eggs LIVE on our roof for all to see!”

  1. Diane - Pacheco Says:

    I saw 6 goslings leap off the overhang roof. The 7th one ran like heck. Did he/she ever make it off of the roof? I hope so. If not, what will happen to it?

  2. sheila ullmann Says:

    Wow, I had read there was a truck with bedding or such to catch the goslings. I was really agast that they thudded on the cement. Hope all were not limping across the street to the park..

  3. Pat in Antioch Says:

    How exciting!! Thanks for the updates & the great pics Gary!! hey, did everyone land ok? I noticed they didn’t use a truck this time!

    Pat in Antioch

  4. Gary Bogue Says:

    Everyone landed fine. The truck was there, directly under the nest, but the chicks all jumped over the other side, away from the truck. All landed fine. I had an e-mail from one of the editors about two hours later, who spotted mom and dad goose and all 7 goslings swimming in a little lake two buildings over from the Times. It was all a big success. Whew! I’ll go up and check the last two eggs tomorrow. I’m sure they were bad, probably not fertile. Well, it’s been a long but successful if traumatic day.Everyone take a deepn breath and go have some dinner or maybe a nice glass of wine. Yak at you tomorrow. /Gary

  5. Jim Schnitzen Says:

    For anyone wondering what the goslings first night out of the nest might be like, and what to expect over the next week or so, here are a few lines from a summary of previous research on Canada geese:

    “Young brooded [by mother] in cold, wet, windy weather, and when sleeping during first week after hatch; goslings very hardy, however, and able to survive most weather conditions without being brooded….Begin to peck at small objects soon after hatch [which we saw at the nest yesterday]; graze wherever their parents lead them; spend most of their time feeding or sleeping; stay close to parents.”

    “Brooding,” of course, means huddling up under Mama’s wings, either under her body itself if the space below has give, like a nest, or snuggled against her warm sides.

    I also want to express my thanks to Gary and the photographers and technicians and all those who made it possible for us to share in this miracle. And to all of you fellow/sister watchers who shared your thoughts, concerns and feelings.

  6. Gayle Reece Says:

    I felt so lucky to pop in and witness the jumpoff! I had the live goose cam up all the time on my computer and would frequently stop and gaze mezmerized by the slightest movement. She is such a good mother. Now I feel an emptiness…”empty nest syndrome?” What will distract me from my work now? I will have to search out another wildlife live cam. Any suggestions?

  7. Chung Thies Says:

    Schoene Seite! Der Artikel ist gut geschrieben. Danke dafuer.

  8. Thea Druefels Says:

    Tolle Webseite. Welcher Designer hat das Aussehen entworfen ? War bestimmt teuer aber es hat sich echt gelohnt. Toll gemacht

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