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Gray fox taking a walk on the back fence (looking for a hen house?)

By Gary Bogue
Friday, April 3rd, 2009 at 6:28 am in Foxes, Gray foxes.

Fox on the fence by Jack Wall, Livermore, Calif.
fox on fence1

Dear Gary,
My wife and I love to read your column with coffee in the morning. Thank you for all of the good advice and the pleasure you have given us with your animal tales.

During our 10 years in Livermore, we have enjoyed the multitude of birds that have tried to bankrupt us at our six backyard feeds. We are fascinated by the Cooper’s hawks that seem to think our feeders are really smorgasbords for them. We were surprised when the egret and great blue heron stopped by to feast on the fish in our small pond and stayed to pose for great photos. We were delighted when mama quail brought the tiny chicks over for us to see.

We have spent hours watching the two delightfully funny squirrels devour the corn on the cob we put out for them and then romp through our yard on their way to get the really good stuff out of our bird feeders. What fun it was to discover a pair of raccoons peering in our patio door.

We aren’t even bothered by the snakes, frogs, toads, spiders, and bugs that we have found in our yard, but we must admit that we aren’t very fond of the ants when they get into the house. We truly love and enjoy the wildlife that shares our small piece of retirement heaven here in Livermore.

We can’t tell you how excited we were this morning when we looked up from our breakfast and discovered a beautiful fox strolling along the top of our backyard fence. I grabbed the camera that is always close by and got two shots before he/she strolled on next door. What a way to start your day. Can it get any better?

I must share with your readers how easy it is to make a corn on the cob feeder for your squirrels. All it takes is a small thin board, 1 or 2 long screws and a couple of nails.

Screw the screws all the way through the board, nail the board on the top of your fence, and stick the corn cob on the screw so that corn stands straight up. I get dry squirrel corn on the cob at Wild Birds Unlimited.
Jack & Barbara Wall, Livermore

Dear Jack & Barbara:
Looks like that gray fox is checking out your corn on the cob feeder. Or maybe it’s just looking for a tasty squirrel to go with a side of corn. /Gary

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