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San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge: A special photo essay

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, April 30th, 2009 at 7:23 am in Bird Watching, Birds, San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Waterfowl, Wildlife.

Snowy egret landing ( Aric Crabb /Staff)

In 1974, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service established the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, the first urban national wildlife refuge in the country.

Thirty-five years since its inception, the refuge complex is now made up of seven distinct refuges spanning 120 miles and 44,377 acres, from Monterey County to San Pablo Bay. The refuges are home to 18 endangered and threatened species, providing protection to their habitat.

In the next year, a series of beautiful and informative photo essays by Media-News staff photographer Aric Crabb will explore the four seasons of the complex.

Sanderlings foraging on the beach ( Aric Crabb /Staff)

For more than three decades, the refuge has harbored and protected endangered and threatened species, and even a little ghost town called Drawbridge near Fremont as it slowly fades away.

Among the wildlife are the endangered California clapper rail, a chicken-sized bird that rarely flies, and the tiny salt marsh harvest mouse, a nocturnal rodent that swims and can drink salt water.

Great blue heron takes off ( Aric Crabb /Staff)

On-line you can discover the seasons of the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex by exploring our interactive photo galleries, maps and more.

Running coyote ( Aric Crabb /Staff)


These are really great photos … and the information is pretty interesting, too! Have fun! I sure plan on enjoying Aric’s photo essays. /Gary

Deer hops through mustard plants ( Aric Crabb /Staff)

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  1. Kat Mulkey Says:

    Kudos to Aric for these really nice wildlife photos!

  2. Gary Bogue Says:

    I agree. They are truly beautiful. I’m really looking forward to each new season of photos from Aric.

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