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Gray wolves lose federal protection: Let the killing begin …

By Gary Bogue
Friday, May 8th, 2009 at 8:18 am in Wolves.

Here’s an eye-opener from the weekly e-newsletter of the Center For Biological Diversity:

This Monday (May 4), the feds’ April 2 rule went into effect to prematurely remove federal protections for gray wolves in the northern Rockies, Great Lakes region, and other areas — just more than a month after the rule was finalized and the Center for Biological Diversity and allies, represented by Earthjustice, filed a 60-day notice of intent to sue.

The rule — the same rule published in Bush’s last days and temporarily put on hold when President Barack Obama came on the scene — is a follow-through on a Bush administration plan to increase federal and private wolf hunting.

Many states are already figuratively rubbing their hands in glee at their new wolf-killing privileges: Idaho plans to kill hundreds of wolves, many of which will be brutally gunned down from the air, while Great Lakes states will allow the killing of significant numbers of wolves even as disease is killing pups.

Wolves in Wyoming are the only ones that will keep their federal safeguards — because Wyoming refused to provide the minimal state protections other states promised (which are still grossly inadequate). Besides affecting wolves in the northern Rockies and western Great Lakes, the rule also undermines wolf recovery in a third of eastern Oregon and eastern Washington, as well as a portion of northern Utah — though wolf presence in those regions is barely budding.

Despite the fact that we submitted our notice of intent to sue the very day the wolf-dooming rule was finalized, we must legally wait 60 days to file suit — while the feds only had to wait a month to put their rule into effect.

As Center wolf expert Michael Robinson asserts, “We fear that once again wolves will be wantonly slaughtered before a court can rule.”

Read more on this in the Yellowstone Insider:

Center For Biological Diversity:

We put animals (like wolves) on an Endangered Species List because their species is in danger of going extinct … then as soon as their population increases to a point where it’s supposedly safe to remove the federal protection … we start killing them again. It’s the American way, you know. /Gary

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  1. Pat in Antioch Says:

    That’s so sad…..

  2. ROBERT LEE Says:

    The very probable extinction of the the gray wolf wasn’t the sole impetus of its placement on the Endangered Species List. The gray wolf is an essential predator in the ecological balance of its prey. What did they think would happen…the wolf would stop being a wolf? They are doing exactly what was intended, flourishing and restoring the balance.

    The problem lies in the fact these wolves can’t distinguish between wild and domestic prey or property lines. The perspective is they are encroaching upon us, when the antithesis is the actual truth.

    It isn’t just the American way…its the human way all over the world. Soon enough it will just be us and the Zoos.

    The native people around the world understood and the few precariously remaining tribes do understand their place in the ecological balance of this world…it is they who demonstrate the superior intellect. When will we learn?

  3. Pat in Antioch Says:

    The wolves aren’t the only ones who can’t distinguish between property lines; we crossed over THEIR lines a long time ago without batting an eye. Mr. Lee may be correct in his train of thought, but we’re supposed to be the more intellectual species; we kill them for getting too close to “our” space and then we kill them for staying in their own space. Just be us and the zoos? Damn, I hope not!

  4. Fox Says:

    There must be pressure from hunting lobbies as well. Hunters tend not to appreciate predators who compete with them for game — the crux of the aerial shooting in Alaska. The change in endangered species status is such a pathetic state of affairs — validating any trepidation I had about Secretary Salazar who is a hunter and rancher. Talk about a lethal combination for wolves, a guy with strong and visceral ties to two groups that have a vested interest in reducing wolf numbers. With all of the options President Obama had in terms of choosing a great steward for our land, he really cowed on this one. Such a disappointment. And more than a disappointment for the wolves. An outright tragedy.

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