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Student winners of Be Kind to Animals Week Art Contest

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, May 13th, 2009 at 8:07 am in Be Kind to Animals Week.

By Emily F., First Place, 3rd grade, Rancho Romero School, Alamo, Mrs. Clark (teacher)
first 3rd

Dear Gary:
This past week (May 3-9) was American Humane’s “Be Kind to Animals Week,” an annual tradition that dates back to 1915. For most of us pet lovers, celebrating animals is a daily routine. However, this week’s goal was to create awareness by honoring the roles animals play in our lives, advocating humane treatment of animals, and urging others — especially children — to do the same.

One way that Contra Costa County Animal Services celebrates this special week is by sponsoring our annual Be Kind to Animals “Art Show & Contest.” The theme for this year’s art contest was “Random Acts of Kindness Toward Animals.”

The Humane Education Department was once again blown away by just how amazing and talented the kids in our community are. We received over 200 pieces of art work showing random acts of kindness and global awareness for animals all across this planet.

By Anna Horby-Merrifield, First Place, 4th grade, Castro School, El Cerrito, Mrs. Commandatore (teacher)
first 4th

Shelter Volunteer judges picked 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners from four different groups. The groups are Kindergarten and 1st grade, 2nd and 3rd grade, 4th and 5th grade, and 6th through 8th grade.

The children’s art work was on display for the public to view during the week of May 4-8, Monday through Friday, at 651 Pine St., in Martinez.

By Alexandra Perez, First Place, 7th grade, Adams Middle School, Brentwood, Mrs. Rodriguez (teacher)
first 7th

Art work is also on display this week (May 12-16), Tuesday through Saturday, at the Martinez Animal Shelter located at 4800 Imhoff Place, in Martinez.

The names of the winners for this year’s “Be Kind to Animals” Art Contest and their schools are listed below. All art contest participants will receive a special certificate and a sticker for their participation. The winners of the art contest will be invited to the shelter where the Humane Education department will host their annual Art Contest Awards Ceremony and BB-Q for the winners, their immediate families and their teachers and principals. (The BB-Q will take place sometime in June)

Thank you to all the children that participated and to the teachers who helped to make yet another year of “Be Kind to Animals” week so successful. This contest also reminds us that being kind to animals is something we can all do, all year long.

Thank you to you, Gary, as well for supporting us and disseminating this information to the public. Your support is greatly appreciated.
Noell Crosse, Humane Education Department, Contra Costa Animal Services

By Efrain Gutierrez, First Place, 1st grade, John Muir School, Martinez, Nicole Kitchen (teacher)
first 1st


** First Place: Efrain Gutierrez, Nicole Kitchen (teacher), John Muir School, Martinez.
** Second Place: Georgia Carpenter, Mrs. McSherry (teacher), Happy Valley School, Lafayette.
** Third Place: Felix Horby-Merrifield, Mrs. Commandatore (teacher), Castro School, El Cerrito.

** First Place: Emily F., Mrs. Clark (teacher), Rancho Romero School, Alamo.
** Second Place: Isabel Fernandez, Mrs. Burton & Cortesi (teachers), Gehringer School, Oakley.
** Third Place: Chyna Ellis, Ms. Shader (teacher), Lupine Hills School, Hercules.

** First Place: Anna Horby-Merrifield, Mrs. Commandatore (teacher), Castro School, El Cerrito.
** Second Place: Lauren Dell, Mr. Cadloni (teacher), Westwood School, Concord.
** Third Place: Esmerelda Chavez, Mrs. Shelton (teacher), Cesar Chavez School, Richmond.

** First Place: Alexandra Perez, Mrs. Rodriguez (teacher), Adams Middle School, Brentwood.
** Second Place: Cherilynn Lima, Mrs. Moody (teacher), Adams Middle School, Brentwood.
** Third Place: Jenna Lee, Ms. Thibault (teacher), Hercules Middle School, Hercules.

Congratulations students and teachers. beautiful artwork! /Gary

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    Be nice to animals, kiddies. But don t forget to eat your hamburger and drink your cow’s milk!

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