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S.F. Zoo tiger attack: Does tiger’s family get part of $900,000 settlement?

By Gary Bogue
Friday, May 29th, 2009 at 11:16 am in tiger attack.

Tatiana the Siberian tiger

No matter what you may think about the two San Jose Dhaliwal brothers whose friend was killed by Titiana the tiger on Christmas Day 2007 … or what those young men may or may not have done in an attempt to provoke the tiger … the fact of the matter is … if the tiger had been confined in an adequate enclosure, she would NEVER have been able to escape from her enclosure and kill somebody … and then be killed herself.

The enclosure obviously was not adequate. The tiger got out. It had walls that were 4 feet lower than the height level recommended by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The end result here was one dead tiger and one dead human.

A public relations firm was hired by the zoo after the attack. The firm seemed to spend a lot of time trying to make the Dhaliwal brothers look bad. According to a story by the San Jose Mercury News the brothers’ attorney also claims a City of San Francisco Police Department threat to file involuntary manslaughter changes against the brothers in the death of their friend, “was a ruse to dissuade them from pursuing action.”

Here’s the entire San Jose Mercury story:

I find it interesting that after all of the above scrambling to try and blame everything on the Dhaliwal brothers and their dead friend, the zoo has suddenly decided to pay the brothers $900,000 as part of a settlement in a civil lawsuit.

What a fiasco.

Too bad everyone seems to have forgotten about the tiger. Poor Tatiana. /Gary

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4 Responses to “S.F. Zoo tiger attack: Does tiger’s family get part of $900,000 settlement?”

  1. Gayle Reece Says:

    The zoo was responsible for keeping Tatiana safe. If she could escape the enclosure, she wasn’t safe. The zoo got off cheap. In my opinion, the Dhaliwal brothers don’t deserve the settlement but, I suppose, they could have gotten more, thus the settlement. Unfortunately, I doubt the money will improve their lives. In fact, it may send them further down in a spiral. My sympathy is for Tatiana. Zoos are sad places.

  2. Charlotte Stenmark Says:

    Several people visiting the zoo saw various tigers in that particular exhibit climb the wall and reported it. The zoo did nada. The zoo’s director Manuel Mollinado hired slander-man Sam Singer and then there suddenly were foreign objects in the exhibit. Mollinado & Singer tried to make it look like it was from before the attack but all photos and video evidenced that those items were not there immediately following Tatiana’s escape. Clearly the objects were PLANTED by someone who took part in a plot to distract attention from the zoo’s liability.

    Does anyone know how much money the zoo paid Mollinado and Sam Singer? They should be wise enough to donate the funds to a cause supported the safety and wellbeing of other tigers. The tiger’s family deserves money too.

    Thank you for reminding us that the real issue is that the tiger was not safe-kept. No matter who were the human victims in the case, that is the true issue.

  3. Pat in Antioch Says:

    Those two will waste that money away in no time; it would have been better spent on Tatiana’s family & friends at the zoo. The Dhaliwal’s and their friends were wrong in what they did, the zoo was wrong in not protecting the lives of the animals it was responsible for, but poor Tatiana was just doing what she did best-being a tiger and for that she was killed, all for something that could have been prevented (by either the Dhaliwal’s OR the zoo) in the first place. How sad!

  4. nickrnmaui Says:

    The boys provoked the tiger. They deserve it. If you taunt a big bully and he kicks your ass, or you taunt a gunman and he shoots you. You asked for it. I know some animal trainers @the zoo. They deal with these animals everyday. If the animal was not in captivity this could not happen. Don’t blame the tiger or the cage. You don’t vote to give the zoo more money for safety and upgrades but.. Mess with the bulls and you get the horns. Support your local zoo and animal shelters.

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