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Skunk smell is SO bad it can make a stone cat statue wince

By Gary Bogue
Monday, June 8th, 2009 at 8:18 am in Skunks.

Cat statue winces at skunk smell. Photo by Larry Muth, Orinda, CA
skunk & cat

I want to share this photo with you that I took on our back deck several nights ago.

A raccoon emptied our squirrel-proof bird feeder the night before. The next night he brought his friend, the skunk. They were enjoying an evening snack just inches apart. When I slightly opened the glass door to get a clear shot, the raccoon left. I only took this one photo so I wouldn’t bother the skunk more than necessary

Check out the position and expression on the stone bird bath cat. Priceless.

The skunk didn’t leave a smell as a thank you.
Larry Muth, Orinda

Dear Larry:
I’m not sure I’d call skunk smell a “thank you.”

Great look on the bird bath cat’s face!

Skunk poses by soapstone sculpture of a skunk. Photo by Bogue, Benicia, CA

Here’s a photo my wife Lois took of a skunk in our backyard posing next to a soapstone sculpture of a skunk I’m working on.

Skunks seem to have a thing about posing next to rock sculptures. Curious, don’t you think?

Interest critters, skunks. Smell and all. /Gary

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7 Responses to “Skunk smell is SO bad it can make a stone cat statue wince”

  1. Rich Sayers Says:

    Gary,a big thanks to you and your readers for all the photos and art that are priceless or beautiful or both! This is one of my two favorite blogs.

  2. Gary Bogue Says:

    Rich: Thanks! I couldn’t do it without all these beautiful photos sent in by my readers. Yes indeed. They are priceless (readers AND photos!) /Gary

  3. kathy skow Says:

    I live in Lafayette and now have two dogs, one cat and one skunk who has decided to join the family. The dogs have been sprayed 4 times in the last week. The skunk gets under the fence and comes into the yard each night. I called animal control but they cannot do anything. Has anyone else had this problem? Obviously this skunk not discouraged by, but attracted to our dogs who are very large breeds.
    Help, everything in the house including gym bags, clothes and furniture smell.

  4. Mark White Says:

    I have lived close to downtown Martinez for 20 years and for the last two Summers have not smelled one skunk. Before these last two years, I could smell skunk-spray in the Summer once or twice weekly, very routine. I have no clue what has happened to change this. I am defiantly not complaining, but I am very curious…

  5. Barbara Says:

    Mark: Same here. I live in the Shannon Hills section of Martinez. Skunks were very prevalent in this area up to about five years ago. I haven’t seen/smelled one since. The interesting thing is that behind my house it’s nothing but open space, hills, etc. On the other hand, I didn’t see coyotes in THIS area until last winter. There was a coyote denning somewhere in the vicinity. Maybe this, in part, is why there are no skunks in my area. (It is an interesting question!)

  6. Barbara Says:

    Note to Mark: Why, I smelled a skunk while outside feeding the birds! As formerly stated it has been years since I’ve smelled a skunk in this area of Martinez. Not to suggest that it was exceptionally aromatic, but it is nice to know that this little critter still exists. Happy trails, skunk! Until we meet again…

  7. Gary Bogue Says:

    Mark & Barbara: I suspect there are still as many skunks around as there used to be. Maybe they’re just getting so used to living around us humans in urban and suburban areas that it takes a lot more to get them to spray than it used to. Maybe that’s why we don’t smell them so much.I liove in Benicia and we rarely smell them there, but I see one in my yard all the time. We just wave “hello” at each other. No spraying./Gary

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