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Mother Nature’s Original Dog Toy? You have to see this to believe it.

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 at 6:58 am in Dog Toy.


Fetchstix: Nature’s Original Dog Toy

I’ve come across some pretty weird pet products over the years in my line of work as a pet columnist … but I think this one probably takes the cake. Or the dog biscuit. This product brings new meaning to the old Phineas T. Barnum expression, “There’s a (you-know-what) born every minute.”

I’ve decided to give this product my annual “Cleverest Dumb Pet Toy of the Year” award. It takes pure genius to figure out a way to tie up a couple of sticks with some string and then sell them for $12.95 a bundle.

And would you believe it … these guys even got Jay Leno to help them plug this product (sticks!) on his late-night TV show:

I just received the following press release, which I’d like to share with you:


Dear Editor:
Why do the classics ever go out of style?

Engineered by Mother nature and her crack R & D team, Fetchstix are perfect for any dog with timeless and refined taste. They will quickly become the go-to toy, especially in the city, where sticks (which are much better tasting that cement) can be hard to come by.

Fetchstix come accompanied by a user’s guide that is thorough and comprehensive yet will be easily understood by the layperson (for anyone who doesn’t know how to use a stick. /Gary) It addresses the needs of both urban (people who throw sticks in the city. /Gary) and rural users (people who throw sticks in the country. /Gary), and if additional help is required, a technical assistance line is available with operators standing by to provide one-on-one support and troubleshooting (for people who don’t know how to throw a stick. /Gary)

Fetchstix come in bundles that include 8” and 11” sticks and cost $12.95. Personalized sticks are also available and are $12.95 each. Both prices include shipping within the Continental U.S.

Fetchstix can be shipped with a red ribbon for gift giving, and are available at


And the best part about all this? When your dog gets tired of chasing its Fetchstix … you can always use them for kindling to help start a fire in your fireplace on cold winter nights. /Gary

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One Response to “Mother Nature’s Original Dog Toy? You have to see this to believe it.”

  1. Candy Blakeslee Says:

    I agree with you! Sticks are great dog toys; however, I cannot believe anyone can sell them. The manufacturer tried to get us to carry them in our store. We do not carry them. However, my vote for “Cleverest Dumb Pet Toy of the Year” is the piñata dog toy, which is a plush toy with treats in it! Most people want their dogs NOT to rip up plush toys…not reward them for ripping them up with treats!

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