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Bay Area humane societies call for boycott of Ringling Bros. Circus

Below are excerpts from a press release I just received from Carrie Harrington, communications manager, of Marin Humane Society:

(NOVATO, CALIF., July 30, 2009) — The Marin Humane Society, Sonoma Humane Society, East Bay SPCA (Oakland), Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (San Mateo), San Francisco SPCA, and the Sacramento SPCA today publicly called for a boycott of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, citing the company’s routine abuse of animals. Ringling Bros. is scheduled to perform in Oakland, San Jose, and Sacramento this August. …
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Posted on Friday, July 31st, 2009
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Alaska wolves: Miller introduces bill to outlaw airborne hunting of wolves & bears

Bill outlaws controversial airborne hunting of wolves and bears.

Alaska’s wolves and bears would be protected from the controversial practice of airborne hunting under legislation introduced by Rep. George Miller (D-CA) on Wednesday (July 29). The Protect America’s Wildlife Act, or PAW Act, protects wolves, bears, and other wildlife from the unethical, unscientific, and unsportsmanlike practice of shooting these animals from airplanes and helicopters.
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Posted on Thursday, July 30th, 2009
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Michael Vick: Should Raiders or Niners sign this man?

Monday (July 27), the ASPCA issued a statement from their President and CEO Ed Sayers in response to suspended NFL star and convicted dogfighter Michael Vick’s conditional reinstatement to the National Football League:

“Leaders are challenged to make difficult decisions on a daily basis — often under intense scrutiny and pressure,” said Sayers. “Commissioner Roger Goddell’s decisions surrounding the Michael Vick case are no exception. While his decision to reinstate Mr. Vick undoubtedly will be met with cheers by some and derision by others, it is clear that the Commissioner has been particularly thoughtful and has weighed every factor in his deliberations. The ASPCA can only offer him our gratitude for the gravity to which he has lent the issue of animal cruelty, as well as the provisions that the Commissioner has set forth to insure that Mr. Vick has a positive impact on the NFL and his community.
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Posted on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
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West Nile Virus: Please report dead birds. It helps control efforts.

vector control


– 40 percent reduction in reports hinder West Nile virus control efforts; eight more dead birds test positive for the virus–

Forty percent fewer dead bird reports mean 40 percent fewer clues as to where human cases of the virus may appear. Last year at this time 1,141 dead birds were reported compared to this year, 691 dead birds have been reported. The Contra Costa Mosquito and Vector Control District is urging residents to report dead birds to the state hotline at 877-WNV-BIRD (877-968-2473).
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Posted on Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
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Hey hummingbird feeders! You’re not going to believe this video!

So how many hummingbirds are visiting your backyard hummingbird feeder? Two? Three? Or maybe just one grouchy male hummingbird that chases all the other hummingbirds away?

You’re not going to believe this. Enjoy! /Gary

Posted on Monday, July 27th, 2009
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Clear-cutting Tasmania’s Forests: Watch “The PM & The Frog,” a great video

Australia is logging and clear-cutting precious ancient old growth forests of Tasmania.

Here’s how to help:

Thanks for caring. /Gary

Posted on Friday, July 24th, 2009
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Bobcats: These BIG spotted kitties can even take a deer!

Bobcat by Brian Murphy, Walnut Creek, CA.

A bobcat looks like a larger version of a housecat, but there the similarity stops. These wildcats are truly “wild” in every sense of the word. I once had a 4-pound baby bobcat chase me up onto the top of a table. Now THAT’S wild!
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Posted on Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
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STOP and GO birds …

Stoplight nest. Photo by George Jardim, Walnut Creek, CA
stoptlight bird

The street maintenance people in Santa Cruz, CA, must really like birds.
George Jardim, Walnut Creek, CA

What a clever place for the parent birds to build their nest. Plenty of protection from the weather, plus the lights help to keep the babies warm while their parents are off hunting for food.

I wonder why they picked the yellow light to build their nest, instead of the green or red lights?

Anyone have any ideas? /Gary

Posted on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
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PETS: Top 10 wild animals that attack our pets

Western rattlesnake (Brian Murphy/Walnut Creek, CA)

Pet insurer reveals claims data on animal attacks

Sometimes our pets go looking for a fight, but other times the fight comes to them — from land, sea, and even air.

Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. recently reviewed more than 500 laceration/bite wound claims in search of animal-inspired incidents to determine which wild animals most frequently attacked and injured companion pets in 2008.

In addition to the usual suspects —snakes, coyotes and raccoons — they also received claims for pet injuries caused by a squirrel, scorpion, javelina, porcupine, ground hog, skunk, rat, goat, beaver, woodchuck, black bear, mountain lion, hawk, rabbit, sea urchin, and jellyfish.
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Posted on Tuesday, July 21st, 2009
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Michael Vick, NFL star, convicted dogfighter: What next?

Photo by Flickr user Smiteme used under a Creative Common’s License.

ASPCA Responds to Release of Suspended NFL Star & Convicted Dogfighter Michael Vick from Federal Custody

NEW YORK — The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has issued a statement from ASPCA President and CEO Ed Sayres prompted by suspended NFL star and convicted dogfighter Michael Vick’s release today from federal custody:
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Posted on Monday, July 20th, 2009
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