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Ospreys replace jet fighter planes at Alameda Naval Air Station

By Gary Bogue
Friday, July 3rd, 2009 at 7:03 am in Ospreys.

Osprey with fish by Navy ship. Photo by Erich Hayner
Osprey with catch (2)

I found a great place on the Alameda Navel Air Station (now closed, but turned into a private use area with wildlife refuge status) for checking out birds.

I was following a pair of hawks that I knew and trying to find a nesting spot, when I saw in the distance a bird that looked way different than every other sea bird around. Also, the seagulls were kind of flocking/harassing it, something I look for when I’m searching for hawks and the like. It was completely by accident, then, that I found a pair of ospreys who seem to be attempting to nest at the end of a jetty at Alameda Point.

Osprey in flight. Photo by Erich Hayner
Osprey in Flight (2)

Unfortunately, this area is accessible to people who have no idea of what is happening here. Fortunately, it is difficult to find and a major toxic cleanup is underway involving dumped radium of all things. This has a way of deterring the fishermen somewhat, but not completely. I’ve had to tell more that one about the situation already. People who fish though, really appreciate a hawk that dives talons first into the water and can pull a fish greater that it’s own weight out and manage to fly miles with it. One cool bird. I think it’s the most beautiful bird I’ve ever seen.

Tern in flight. Photo by Erich Hayner
Least Tern (2)

The tern is like a butterfly and I love the way he dives into the water, too. I don’t know much about him yet. Believe it or not, all of this is happening about 200 meters from a most wonderful hawk nest located in a field with what can only be the most magnificent view of San Francisco as a backdrop! Soon I’ll have some pics of that …
Erich Hayner

Beautiful! Keep ‘em coming! /Gary

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5 Responses to “Ospreys replace jet fighter planes at Alameda Naval Air Station”

  1. Aaron Says:

    When I saw the headline I thought you were talking about Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey’s. Ha-ha!

  2. Gary Bogue Says:

    Aaron: Gee, can a Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey catch a 5-lb. salmon? /Gary

  3. P0 Says:

    I thought the same thing! I knew the base closed, so when I read (I thought) that V-22’s will be at Alameda NAS, I had to check it out.

    Great wildlife observations Gary. I’ve been to the USS Hornet museum and hadn’t really given much thought about the surrounding area. There are some great views of the bay there.

    Hopefully the birds will be successful.

  4. Erich Hayner Says:

    I took the pictures and, in fact, those Osprey are literally a stone’s throw from the Hornet.

  5. Carroll B. Merriman Says:

    I was searching for digital photography when I found your site. Great post. Thank You.

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