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Taking a walk on the wild side with Brian

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 at 8:23 am in Brian Murphy, Uncategorized.

To bee, or not to bee, by Brian Murphy

My good friend Brian Murphy of Walnut Creek spends a lot of time doing things with the Walnut Creek Open Space Foundation, Mt. Diablo Audubon Society, and anyone else who wants to improve the environment in our local open space areas.

The best part of what Brian does is that he usually takes his camera along with him wherever he goes and then e-mails me pictures he has taken, along with some of his interesting comments.

What follows is the first of what I hope will become a periodic series of tiny photo exhibits here in my blog called, “Taking a walk on the wild side with Brian.”

Enjoy …

A nest box of bees, by Brian Murphy
Brian bee box1

“Sunday removed duck (nest) boxes in Walnut Creek — now have 3 boxes filled with honey bees — I’m going to have Steve the bee keeper collect rent from them!” /Brian

Daisy, daisy, by Brian Murphy
brian daisys1 copy

“I don’t know where the nice display of daisies came from but they all over the slope along quail gully. I suspect weather conditions worked out in favor of the daisies. /Brian

Shake, rattler and roll, by Brian Murphy
brian big rattler (2)

“While up at Bayberry Pond checking a red-winged black bird nest I thought I’d take a look at the pond outfall, great habitat for rattlesnakes with lots of broken concrete for snakes to  crawl around and hide under. I noticed a whole bunch of rattles under a piece of concrete — I could have moved stuff out of the way for a nice photo but that would have bothered the snake so I took a ‘real’ photo of the snake.” /Brian

Welcome to my park, by Brian Murphy
brian contra loma greeter (2)

“Very nice of the Park District to have this ‘greeter’ sitting on the sign at the park entrance to greet people coming in to the park!” /Brian

Stay away from my babies, by Brian Murphy

“In a gravel area at Heather Farm Park four killdeer chicks hatched and are probably off hiding in the bushes by now. Jim Silva discovered the nest in a large gravel area and put a couple of orange cones around the nest to prevent someone from driving over the invisible nest. The 4th chick hatched yesterday afternoon and the egg shells disappeared very fast!

“You’ll notice the look in the mom’s eye as she realizes I’m not buying the ‘broken wing display’ to trick me away from her nest.” /Brian

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  1. Pat in Antioch Says:

    I always enjoy Brian’s photos! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tony Hamid Says:

    Wonderful pictures

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