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Bobcats: These BIG spotted kitties can even take a deer!

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 at 7:07 am in Bobcats.

Bobcat by Brian Murphy, Walnut Creek, CA.

A bobcat looks like a larger version of a housecat, but there the similarity stops. These wildcats are truly “wild” in every sense of the word. I once had a 4-pound baby bobcat chase me up onto the top of a table. Now THAT’S wild!

Bobcat by Brian Murphy, Walnut Creek, CA.

Bobcats are about 30-50 inches long, stand a little under 2-feet tall and weigh from 15 to 30 pounds. Oh, yeah, they have about a 6-inch tail.

According to the book, “Mammals of California,” by Tamara Eder, “The bobcat has the widest distribution of any native cat in North America. It occurs in the Rockies and southern interior of British Columbia, across Canada and south through much of the U.S. to Mexico.”

Bobcat by Mike Gorman, San Francisco, CA.
cool bobcat

Bobcats are common on Mount Diablo and its foothills, and throughout most of the San Francisco Bay Area. My readers have periodically reported seeing them in their backyards, often initially mistaking them for neighborhood domestic cats.

Bobcats prey on brush rabbits, jackrabbits, rodents, reptiles and birds. They have also been known to kill and eat an occasional domestic cat.

Bobcat by Brian Murphy, Walnut Creek, CA.

If you spot paw prints in your flower bed that look just like a domestic housecat’s prints … only MUCH bigger. … you may have had a special visitor during the night. /Gary

Bobcat by Brian Murphy, Walnut Creek, CA.

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One Response to “Bobcats: These BIG spotted kitties can even take a deer!”

  1. Brian Handly Says:

    Hiking in Andrew Molera SP on Friday afternoon. We tink we saw a pootie tat! The only thing that we could think of that made sense was a bobcat. I thought bobcats were nocturnal…not this guy.

    The website link shows pictures taken from about 50 yards with a telephoto.



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