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Bluefin tuna: Fastest fish in the ocean is on a fast track to extinction

By Gary Bogue
Friday, August 28th, 2009 at 6:23 am in Bluefin tuna.

Bluefin tuna (NOAA photo)

The western Atlantic bluefin tuna, one of the fastest fish in the ocean, is also on a fast track to extinction — and a new federal proposal would speed its demise.

The Center for Biological Diversity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting ocean species and ecosystems from overfishing and bad fishery practices, has just issued the following alert:

Bluefin tuna (NOAA photo)

Help Stop Plunder of Bluefin Tuna
Despite the fact that this tuna could be extinct within 10 years, the National Marine Fisheries Service has proposed to let Gulf of Mexico commercial fisheries increase their use of pelagic longline gear — dozens of miles of fishing line boasting hundreds of hooks — to catch swordfish and yellowfin tuna, snagging bluefins in the process (not to mention other at-risk ocean swimmers).

Though the bluefin tuna weighs in at three-quarters of a ton, reaches 10 feet in length, and can zoom through the water at up to 50 miles per hour, it is no match for the deadly longlines. And the Gulf of Mexico is its only known spawning ground.

The Center for Biological Diversity needs your help to tell the Fisheries Service it should ban — not expand — pelagic longline fishing in the gulf.

Please take action now

Learn more about our fisheries campaign

Thanks for caring. /Gary

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One Response to “Bluefin tuna: Fastest fish in the ocean is on a fast track to extinction”

  1. jamey craig Says:

    i feel as if fewer and fewer human beings care or give a damn about the creatures we share our world with,.I absolutely disagree with the idea of more lines for tuna fishing,just as with so many other current & ongoing unhealthy and environmentally disasterous practises.such as, among others, unchecked shopping mall and unregulated dam building practises,shrimp pond/mangrove destruction,gasoline in snake burrows,etc.,etc.

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