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Our backyard garden: Here’s a peek at what we’re harvesting.

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 at 9:12 am in Gardens.

Our biggest sunflower head (full of seeds!) was 19 inches across. We hang them on the back fence so the squirrels can eat the seeds. Photo by Lois

On Aug. 25, I wrote here about “Gardening: There’s nothing like your own backyard garden.”

You got a look at what my wife, Lois, and I consider to be our best garden to date. We really LIKE to garden. You might call it our therapy.

Sugar peas, YUM! Photo by Lois

I got a lot of responses via comments, phone calls and e-mails about our garden … so I took a bunch of photos this weekend of some of the assorted veggies that we are now harvesting so I can give you an update today on what we’re seeing.

Time to harvest the cherry tomatoes. Photo by Gary

The strawberries have slowed down, but the tomatoes are suddenly ripening all over the place because of last week’s warm weather (black krems, romas, cherry tomatoes and green zebras).

Eggplant. Photo by Gary

The same with the eggplant … LOTS of eggplant.

We’re also still getting the occasional zucchini and cucumber and we’ve planted a whole new line of carrots. The green beans are also slowing down, but we’re still waiting for the Asian long beans.

A cucumber, just perfect for a salad. Photo by Lois

And boy is this going to be a fun Halloween. I’ve counted at least 15 pumpkins … both the giant pumpkins for making jack-o-lanterns, and the little pie pumpkins for cooking.

Lois and her artichokes. Photo by Gary

And then, of course, there’s plenty of acorn squash. And this year, for the first time, artichokes.

For fun, as always, we also planted about 15 MAMMOTH, 12-foot tall sunflowers. They make the garden look neat and when the sunflower seeds are ready to harvest, I cut off the heads and hang them on the back fence so the squirrels can munch on the seeds.

Gary measures a sunflower head full of seeds after hanging it on the back fence for the squirrels. Photo by Lois

Our biggest sunflower head this year was 19 inches across and weighed 15 pounds! When I cut down the sunflower “trees,” they came down so hard with a huge CRASH, I started yelling, Timberrrr!”

The roma tomatoes are ready to make sauce. Photo by Gary

When I cut up the sunflower “stems” and piled them next to our recycling bin, Lois said those aren’t stems, they’re LOGS! She’s right.

New carrots are coming up. Photo by Gary

Gardening is lots of fun. Try it, you’ll like it! /Gary

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