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Condor advocates ask hunters to ditch lead bullets

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 at 7:20 am in California condors.

California condor (USFWS photo)
condor flying

Utah is now considering a program that would encourage hunters to use non-lead ammunition in habitat for the endangered California condor, whose biggest threat is lead poisoning from hunter-shot carcasses.

Arizona already has such a program, complete with vouchers for free non-lead ammo and there’s about a 70-percent compliance rate among the state’s hunters. But the Center for Biological Diversity says that’s not good enough. Utah, Arizona – and better yet, the whole country — should go completely non-lead for the health of condors, golden eagles, other wildlife … and humans, too. The Center says a study has found that about a third of sampled deer burgers consumed by people were tainted with lead.

In 2007, California banned nearly all lead ammo in the state’s condor range. Hopefully, Arizona and Utah will soon follow suit.

Read more about it here in the Salt Lake Tribune:

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