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Halloween: Check out Wally’s Jack-O-Lantern Spider!

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, October 29th, 2009 at 8:10 am in Halloween, Spiders.

Jack-O-Lantern Spider photo by Wally Wood, Livermore, CA
Jack-o-lantern spider w.wood

I’d like to share with your readers my special garden lady, “Ms. Spinneret.” She is a beautiful pumpkin orange and if you look closely at her back you will see she has a Jack-O-Lantern face, ready for Halloween.

Trick-or-treat, anyone?
Wally Wood, Livermore, CA

Beautiful! A Jack-O-Lantern Spider!

What will Mother Nature think of next?! /Gary

Ms. Spinneret, sitting on her web, comes with a built-in fly swatter
fly swatter w.wood

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