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Fox squirrel and black cat give each other the evil eye

By Gary Bogue
Monday, November 30th, 2009 at 10:06 am in Cats, fox squirrel.

Photo by Elke & Walt Torgersen, San Ramon, CA

Hi Gary:
We thought you would like to see this fun picture. Our neighbor’s cat, Kiby, loves our backyard as we have several bird feeders and a large flower garden. Kiby enjoys hiding in the roses and flowers. She often encounters our squirrels and as you can see in this picture, Kiby and our squirrels often check each other out.
Elke & Walt Torgersen, San Ramon, CA.

Hi Elke & Walt (and Kiby):
This is a great photo. It’s a nice thing to come back to after I was gone last week (Thanksgiving week) on vacation.

Sigh … but now … back to reality. /Gary

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