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Got mysterious bites? Bed bugs? Rat mites? Bird mites? Scabies? Or … ?

By Gary Bogue
Friday, December 4th, 2009 at 10:20 am in Bed bugs, bird mites, rat mites.

Bed bugs? Photo by Flickr user Commodore Gandolf Cunningham used under a Creative Commons License
bedbugs comm gandalf cunningham

On Nov. 22, I received the letter below from Ruth Corbin, complaining about some mysterious something that was biting her. I printed her letter in my newspaper column and then took my annual Thanksgiving week off. When I got back into the office on Nov. 30, I had received 50 e-mails and letters in response to Ruth’s plea for help. It turns out Ruth is not alone. And if the 50 responses I received are any indicator, there are probably hundreds, even thousands of other people out there scratching their itching bites even as we speak, and wondering what the heck is biting them … and what can they do about it?

I can’t run all 50 responses to Ruth’s letter here, so I picked out a selection that covers most of the suggestions I received and you’ll find them below, after Ruth’s letter. If you suffer from similar problems … or have answers … please add your replies/comments at the end of this post. If we’re going to come up with some answers to help people with bite problems … the more, the merrier! /Gary

Rat mites? Photo by Flickr user asplosh used under a Creative Commons License
rat asplosh

Dear Gary:
For the past 7 months I have been dealing with getting bug bites when I sleep.

It started when I stayed in a hotel in Sacramento and has continued. I’ve had my house fumigated, air ducks cleaned, purchased new pillows, washed and dry cleaned blankets and bed spreads and had my mattress and bedroom carpet steam cleaned. I even took my dogs to the vet and they were clean. I even went to the dermatologist who only confirmed they were bites.

The pest control people have made several trips out to inspect and lay traps to no avail. The bugs only bite me and seem to be invisible. I have no clue what is biting me and am desperate to know if others have had this experience and what they did. Desperate for help …
Ruth Corbin, cyberspace


*** THE BUGS that are biting Ruth Corbin may be completely incidental to her stay in a Sacramento hotel.  We had a similar experience last year, after my husband had used a sleeping bag overnight in The Great Outdoors.  Suddenly, we were besieged with microscopic little crawlies that bedeviled us all night long, prompting my husband to sleep in the bathtub one night in a desperate attempt to get away from them.  After a week of trying to get rid of them with assorted methods, the only thing that worked was just regular household bug bombs.  Aha, but fast forward to *this* year, when the army of bugs returned … and neither of us had spent any time in a hotel or The Great Outdoors.

Naturally, I returned to last year’s tried-and-true bomb zapper … but this time, the bugs returned after several days. The infestation seemed much worse than the previous year, and I was stymied.  These critters are about one-half to one-third the size of the head of a pin, and are pale tannish/grayish and difficult to see.  When you finally spot one, then it’s sort of easy to spot the others.

It finally dawned on me to check the window sill, which is right up against the headboard of our bed.  Turned out that the window sill was covered with them, and suddenly the light bulb went off.  Bird mites.  After Googling for more information, I was pretty certain that’s what we were dealing with.  Our house was built with a small exterior cubby about four feet away from our bedroom window, in which the pigeons love to set up housekeeping.  Since that distance is further than an arm’s reach and our house is two stories, that cubby is nearly impossible for us to reach.  We’ve tried to block it off over the years just because the pigeons’ constant “aah-OOO-gah” calling drives me batty.  (Gimme mockingbirds, any day!)

It took getting up on the roof with a hose and a jet-sprayer nozzle to knock down the pigeons’ nesting material and flush out the mites along with it.  One final bug bombing of the bedroom to zap that second wave of mites, and . . . voila.  No more bugs.  Finally.  Ah, ’til next year, I’m sure!

We’ve had pigeons for years’N years, so I don’t understand why the mites have only been a problem for the past two years.  In our case, the mites have made their appearance in June/July both times, but aside from the time of year, Ruth’s infestation sounds identical to ours. (Deborah Koch, Antioch, California)

Bird mites?

*** THIS IS IN RESPONSE to your reader’s question about what could be “bugging” her while in bed. If she has had an exterminator, etc., and if it’s happening in both hotel rooms AND her own home, it may be similar to a situation I had about 5 years ago: a severe reaction to the detergent used on bedsheets.

My “bug bites” started after a stay at a hotel in the city, and the management swore up and down that they did not have bed bugs or any other kind of biting bug. My mysterious bites continued after I returned home. A dermatologist confirmed they were indeed some sort of “bug bite” – but another doctor suggested they could be sudden allergic reactions to detergent. Sometimes your body gets hypersensitive. A change in detergent, like the harsh chemicals used in hotel bedding, can cause your skin to react in strange ways, and the now-hypersensitive skin can continue to react at home.
I started washing my sheets in a very mild detergent and avoided direct skin-contact with my sheets for a week or so – and voila, no more “bug bites”. I hope this might help your reader (or anyone else!). (Tissa Richards, Danville, California)

*** TELL RUCH CORBIN she should research online and suggest as a highly used, well rated site.  The experts on this site were tremendously useful for me.  Had I not asked questions there, I wouldn’t have realized how quickly I had to resolve this and how long lasting the problem.  The site posts pictures of bites, evidence of bugs, other potential related bug-related problems.  The clue is this started after she stayed at a hotel in Sacramento.  Bedbugs are a well known problem in the Eastern United States, including tony apartments in Manhattan, plus a growing issue in San Francisco.  Most doctors and exterminators in the West don’t recognize the evidence.  If she thinks she has bedbugs, she must find an exterminator knowledgeable about bedbugs or she’ll waste her money.  Again the website is a good source to ask for references in the Bay Area.
My problem started with a hotel stay in Ashland, Oregon.  I called the hotel, they said they checked and denied any problem. The bugs are very small and can hitch a ride in luggage and clothing. Their eggs last for months. Once established in a home, they spread so its critical she act quickly.  (Ex. steam cleaning a mattress won’t help.)  For me, the critters were in an office chair, which I threw out. Before I figured that out, I did an exhausting and extensive regime washing, bagging clothing, linens, etc. (D. in cyberspace)

*** RUTH’S BUG BITING PROBLEM … might not be bed bugs.  She might have a case of scabies. These bugs also are invisible & are active at night while sleeping. She might be the only one bitten because she may not have passed it on to her bed partner (as yet). Did her dermatologist do a scraping of her bites to determine if there were any “eggs” visible under microscopic examination? Scabies is not fun but at least it can be “cured” more easily than bed bugs.  (Barbara in cyberspace)

*** ONE POSSIBILITY for Ruth’s bug bites might be Tropical Rat Mites. I had a similar experience of being bitten by an insect that I couldn’t see. Last summer I saw a roof rat on my garden window. When I went out to see what the heck they were doing up there, I found out they had a nest above the window in the soffit. I fixed the small opening and got rid of the rats. A few days later I started getting bites. I just happened to notice that my kitchen counter top looked like I had spilled salt and pepper on it. I cleaned it off but it kept coming back. I picked up a few of these on a piece of clear tape and checked them out with a magnifying glass — that’s when I discovered they were insects. After much research I discovered that they were tropical rat mites (they are about the size of a period and smaller). Since I had gotten rid of their hosts, they were coming after me. Rat mites are attracted to carbon dioxide (our breath), heat and moisture. They will travel along electric lines and plumbing pipes within the walls to reach you — they were coming out of my electrical outlets in the kitchen! Fortunately humans are not their hosts and cannot reproduce without a rat but they will still bite us. I would recommend a pest control company to get rid of them — but as I found out the hard way, not very many pest control companies are even aware of these mites.Maybe Ruth can tell you if she is aware of any rats that may be around her house or if she has recently gotten rid of them — this might be what’s biting her. I’m sending you a couple of links that provides some information but you may already know about these critters! prevention and conrol.pdf

Hope this helps. (Jan, Walnut Creek, California)

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38 Responses to “Got mysterious bites? Bed bugs? Rat mites? Bird mites? Scabies? Or … ?”

  1. Molly Weinstein Says:

    Look to see if you have old books, paper, cardboard, etc. laying around or if your home is dusty. There are some mites(aside from dust mites)that are attracted to paper and will, if gets on your skin and is not washed off immediately, will feast on your microscopic dead skin cells. The “bites” could be a reaction from mite droppings. If infected, the rash area is reddened, looks like small, fluid-filled bumps and are incredibly itchy. Oddly enough, blistering hot water will help kill them, but obviously this treatment can burn your skin.
    I first got attacked by working in a medical records department years ago. Even with routine fumigations, they came back on a regular basis and are especially active in warm weather. Now, when I dust or handle old books, cardboard, etc., I wash my exposed skin right away. This has not only happened to me, but co-workers and family members at their worksites as well. I have been to the allergist had my allery to mites checked and am extremely sensitive. If you aren’t sensitive to them already, you could develop and allergy to them if exposed on a regular basis. Good luck.

  2. Anita Boyston Says:

    Regarding bug bites, mine started about three months ago. I did not stay in a motel or hotel. Not only did they itch but I developed a very bad rash above my ankle. I had severe pain with mine. I went to a doctor and he told me it was dermatitis but after it did not dissappear I went to a dermatologist and he suggested it was flea bites, which became infected and now I am taking anti-biotics and a topical cream. I have had my house fumigated and cleaned all bedding. So far it seems to be clearing up, but very, very slowly. I never used new detergents, cleansers or perfumes. I’ve never had fleas in my environment and there are no birds nesting around my house. We have no mice, rats or pidgeons. The doctor did not do a scraping of the site but just did a visual of the bites. I was completeley surprised when I saw that other people are having the same or similar problems. Any further advice would be appreciated.

  3. Nora Lajoie Says:

    ve been bitten the first time N0v. 2008 the Dr gave me cream and it helped The Dr did a scope and said it was scabbies. Every thing was good till this November. My Daughter went home and brought the bites home She went to her Dr. He said the bumps were not bites but due to a bodily yeast infection. the diet of too much chocolate or rich foods. She has cut back and it seems to help.I cant really accept this. My Dr. cream works I have cleaned the bedding. sure would like a true and lasting cure.

  4. lilly Says:


    I too have been plagued by “bites” since June/July. They just won’t go away, and they itch like crazy. They even got to the point of getting oozy, until I freaked, and went to see a dermatologist who ran all sorts of tests: impetigo, scabies, secondary syphillis, general infection, which all came out negative. I was given some cortisone cream to use, and that helped for awhile. Now the bites are back more vicious than ever, actually more like welts now in new places, and red splotches on my legs, etc. I’ve tried the all-over body cream to kill scabies (twice), fumigated rugs, rooms, covered myself with vicks…. I’ve tried homeopathic as well as pharmaceutical methods. I’m stumped, and going crazy. AND I see no signs of any bugs, plus nobody else in my house is affected. It’s so frustrating.

  5. Suzanne Cerny Says:

    Hello, I was bitten by a tiny bug that could have been pale tan as one of the other writers described. I was standing near a hedge next to the post office in downtown Lafayette, CA when suddenly I felt a tiny prick as strong as a bee sting on the proximal side of my right knee. I had no choice except to rush into the post office and take a look. It was surely a bite, and I managed to pick up the bug and put it on a piece of paper. It was so tiny that I could no longer see it after that. The redness around the bite continued to spread and a big lump formed underneath the circle. I soaked it in hot water with baking soda to draw out the poison, and after a few weeks it was almost gone. The initial bite itched for several days before the sensation stopped. It wasn’t infected, it didn’t spread outside the initial area. The bite itself is still red and there is still a tiny lump under the bite area. I am using OxyCell cream, and the area is still itchy to the touch. It has been about 3 weeks, and the area is still discolored where the redness was.

  6. Judy Kay, RN, BSN, HNB-BC Says:

    There most definitely is a resurgence of bed bugs going on now because bed bugs and other so called non-beneficial insects have developed resistance to the toxic pesticides that have been used for so many years. It is high time we stop using toxic, ineffective pesticides and use a non-toxic, effective, environmentally friendly product called Nature’s Defender. I checked out and unlike a previous poster, was not all that impressed. Nature’s Defender kills bedbugs, fleas, ticks, lice, termites and other non-beneficial insects on contact and kills their eggs within a few hours. It can be used on humans as a mosquito repellent and head lice treatment and was originally developed for use by our troops in Iraq because DEET was not keeping the sand fleas away from them. By the way, DEET is known to be a neuro-toxin. Nature’s Defender can be sprayed on mattresses, used as a fogger (no more toxic flea bombs, please!), sprayed in the heating/AC ducts to kill dust mites, used on cats and dogs of any age…well, the list goes on. Go to, click on the puppy on the left side and get all the info you could ever want. Oh, and would you like some icing on that cake? No license is required to use Nature’s Defender because the EPA has classified it as non-toxic and organic. So save your money, don’t call an exterminator, stop polluting the environment AND get rid of those buggers once and for all. Feel free to call me on my cell at 650-888-8011 with your questions about green pest control.
    Dedicated to eradicating toxins from your home, body, pets and the environment!
    Judy Kay, RN, BSN, HNB-BC in Pacifica

  7. Amy Duling Says:

    I’m so glad to read all of this. Over the past ten or so years I’ve been intermittently plagued with bites and am the only one in the household who has ever been bothered with even a single unidentified bite. A dermatologist told me that is often the case. A pest control guy told me a dermo could identify the bug by studying the bite. The dermo said “no way.” The good news is that I have always been successful in stopping them with bug bombs. The bites are nearly always under my clothes, often appear 2 or 3 in a row or sometimes on my inner arm and at a corresponding site on my torso. Sometimes when I’ve felt as if something is biting, I tear off my clothes but I have NEVER seen any critter on my skin. Several rooms in the house have ceiling paneling of individual boards with cracks that stuff can drop through. We have squirrels running around on the roof, occasional invasions of roof rats so I think rodent mites are a good possibility. I have never noticed specks like others have described. My visiion is good enough to easily spot fleas, but not anything smaller that a grain of pepper. I feel certain it has nothing to do with detergents, camping, staying in a motel. etc. We do have a lot of spiders in the house. Knock on wood it’s been about a year since the last attack and knock again, the bug bombs so far seem to do the trick.

  8. Louise Cline Says:

    This is in response to Ruth’s biting bug situation. I also experienced much the same this past summer. I thought I was losing my mind with the constant itching. I never saw any bugs either. I changed any and everything I could think to change – beds, bedding, cleaning detergents, called in a pest company, lived on Benedryl 24/7. I also increased my vitamin B intake. So far, the bites have stopped. I did want Ruth to know she is not alone and send my best wishes. Thanks, Louise

  9. Rich Says:

    Tragically, I have recently had to deal with TWO of the critters mentioned in the thread: BED BUGS and SCABIES! Imagine having both at the same time, and not knowing it! The one and ONLY thing that will kill bed bugs is diatomaceous earth. There are multiple uses for this, so be sure to get the insecticide grade, not the pool or aquarium type. There are MANY other treatments, and many places you will need to attack besides your bed, so it’s not ‘practical’ as the ultimate solution, but it IS the one and only thing GUARANTEED to kill bed bugs. Google it as a treatment and good luck. As for Scabies, I don’t have medical insurance, so I was forced to bypass the doctor. A sulfur based soap of up to 10% sulfur for 4 days will kill off the scabies. There is a 10% bar available @ CVS for maybe $1.19 in the area where they stock acne treatments. It smells awful, but is far better than the itch. It’s ALL I use now, as I noticed it keeps the bed bugs from biting as well.

  10. kate Says:

    I have been fighting an extreme allergic reaction to something biting me in San Francisco for past 10 months. Not scabies, not shingles, not mites, not bedbugs, not spiders, not mosquitoes. I’ve been examined by 3 dermatologists, 1 infectious disease specialist, 1 internist, cultured (twice) & biopsied. Nothing but “arthoropod bite reaction.” I get one bite approx. every 2 weeks, starts like pin prick, then extreme burning/swelling/pain for 2 days, a blister appears, then scarring for 2-3 months. Nothing relieves itch (can only sooth with ice). Primarily have occurred on hands, but have had one on foot, one on upper back, and one on chin. No one has a clue. Traveled in South America prior to this starting in S.F., but we have researched literature & contacted dermatologists there and still no clues as to what’s biting me!

  11. Cheri Says:

    We have been dealing with something that sounds similar. Our youngest son gets bitten at night on his upper body and head. We have had random bites in the rest of the family, but he gets covered. We originally thought they may be bed bugs, but a friend said they sounded more like oak mites. These mites usually don’t bite humans unless there is nothing else around. The bites form little blister/pimple like areas and itch like crazy. The mites can land on humans when near oak trees. They are also small enough to travel on the breeze and can come in through windows. What we have found helpful is Tea Tree oil, both as a treatment and a preventative. Hope this can be of some help!

  12. Jill Hedgecock Says:

    I have been suffering with bites for over a year now. The dermatologist swears its from bugs. I have fumigated for mites 4 times and bombed for fleas twice. The County inspector found no evidence of rodents or outside bird nests. There is no evidence of bedbugs along the mattress edges. I am the only one in my family of four that is affected. I have been away from home for over a week and still get new bites. A skin biopsy was non-diagonostic. I have not switched soaps or detergents and I don’t necessarily get the bites at nite. Anyone else had a similar experience? My legs look hideous.

  13. Sophie in Brentwood Says:

    Since March I have been having the same itching. I had not previously stayed in a hotel. I do frequent thrift shops everywhere in this county (none in Brentwood). I have tried lots of over the counter topical treatments to no avail. I don’t want my email published, but I thought it would be important to show that this issue has occured in east county as well. I would like to be notified if and when further information is reported. Thanks.

  14. Lee Says:

    Since May of last year I have had lots of bite like a bad rash, small red or not red bumbs some swell and seem like a zit but are way different and painful it I try to pop or scratch them off, they take several days-weeks to heal, every 7-10 days itch intense, they cover my abdmen and sprinkled across shoulders, scalp, arms, just a couple on legs. Last year was real severe on my arms and shoulders now seems worse on my neck, chest and scalp. I have seen several doctors adn tried many home remadies, even tanning, drs diagnosed with acne, folliculitis, scabies, acne again, I was treated for acne for approx 3 months before they changed to scabies, I have had two biopsies and one scrapping with one result of non-specific insect dermatitis and the other of Folliculitis. To this day the doctor still says he thinks it scabies. I have used the sulfur cream since last summer every week one to two nights a week and I leave it on all night with no cure still! I have tried steriod cream for body and liquid for my scalp as well which masks it some, but the bites still come. I have cleaned everything religiously and even bought a new bed and bedding and have tried staying away from home, but still had same issues away from home. I am the only one that has this so severly in my home, have noticed similar bumps on the kids, but nothing like what I have. I have used the dogs shampoo and when I am itching intensly it relieves it. I can feel something under my skin at times and also can tell the difference sometimes the little blisters if popped remind me to poinson ivy with the clear liquied that they ooz if you don’t let them go long even, if let go the can look like the sore looking bumb, on rare occasion I do feel like a pinching bite, but look and don’t see anything, sometimes when it’s real bad I can feel a burning sensation under my skin too. It’s also on my face now and so upsetting, the scalp shampoo they have provided has also caused serious thinning adn hair loss. The skin and hair thing combined is just overwhelming for a woman period. I am at a loss and out of money and don’t know what to try or which way to turn now. Any help adn or advice would be so greatly appreciated. It’s such a sad and emotionally draining thing to go through and affects relationships and the way people perceive you should they see the bumbs they are so embarrassing.

  15. Marci Says:

    My old carpet in living/dining area was pulled up and new carpet installed and that day, I started itching. I assumed it was carpet-related and stayed out of the area. It’s been 3 months. I walk around downstairs and then come back up to my room and I do exercises on the floor. Still itching. I just read an article that said fibers from badly worn carpet or fibers from newly installed carpet can work their way into your skin and show up as welts or sores. Other irritant fibers come from paper in offices (!) and fiberglass insulation. I have welts, and I think it is either my old or my new carpet. I’ve been tested for allergies and they found none. Note: biting bugs can almost always be seen and the ones you can’t see are the ones that tend to bite your body crevices or places where your clothes fit snugly.

  16. Irwin Milholland Says:

    This article is very helpful for me to select the correct product.

  17. Kill Scabies Mites – Latest Kill Scabies Mites news – One Doctor’s Opinion| One Doctor’s Opinion blog … Says:

    […] Got mysterious bites? Bed bugs? Rat mites? Bird mites? Scabies? Or … […]

  18. ty henderson Says:

    Ive recently started getting bit about 2 weeks ago. The bumps just started showing up today but i could always see really small tanish ones… can someone help me out?

  19. carol davis Says:

    i have been plagued with bites since last august.. i finally found a tropical rat mite… have hopefully eradicated any rats in my attic, but i would like to have some solid info about the ways mites get on me…
    are they in my clothes?/ on my dogs?? (they dont scratch).
    i bombed the attic and vacuum most days..
    about out of my head with this..
    carol in santa rosa

  20. How to kill bed bugs Says:

    Rats i dont mind. Spiders, meh. Mites Yuck. Bed Bugs. wtf are you kidding me.

    I cant stand bed bugs.

    I stayed at a popular hotel in Toronto once and came out riddled with bites.

  21. Michelle Says:

    I think my brother got bit . My dogs are still getting bumps.just a few weeks agowe killed five rats.

  22. max Says:

    Its never to late to buy bed bug insecticides. Try out they have some effective stuff and plus their customer support line is awesome.

  23. Julie Says:

    I have a question — I can’t find any signs of bed bugs. I have cockroaches in my apartment, though. I’m getting mysterious bites on my exposed skin in the middle of the night. Never in the same place and never more than one. For example, I get one on my hand one night. Then the next night one on my forearm. I’m the only one getting bit but my significant other had been bitten a month ago. Now he’s no longer bitten and I’m the one.
    They look sort of like mosquito bites… but it’s the dead of winter and obviously not mosquitos. But these bites show up hours later. One showed up at 4:30 pm, when I wasn’t even at home.

    Could this be bed bugs? Or something else?

  24. carrie Says:

    Hi Julie, I’m experiencing the same thing. I don’t have cockroaches but pill bugs and I just moved into an apartment that’s really old. my daughter started getting bites that were itchy and it started off on her hand, then one or two on arm. Then I got a random bite that showed up at work. Two different doctors said it wasn’t scabies or bedbugs could be excema. Then, why am I getting bit? Wierd thing is, I got pneumonia last week and had a 102 fever and no more bites now!! Not sure whats going on. They say dust mites don’t bite but I think they do, I can wipe off all my tables and two seconds later they are covered in dust again. I’m taking her to the dermatologist Monday, I’ll let you know

  25. Katie Says:

    Hi Julie and Carrie,
    My husband and I have been getting the same bite for a couple of months now! We also have seen big cockroaches, but no other bugs, so it’s very mysterious! Our landlord swore it must be bedbugs, but we were inspected and no bed bugs could be found! Like you, it is almost always one bite at a time, random places (I’ve had them on feet, ankles, thighs, upper arm, elbow, and hip) and my husband has had a bad reaction to some resulting in infection (and then antibiotics and steriods)! That doctor suggested spiders, but we have only ever seen one or two random spiders in the place, and if we had some sort of infestation that is increasing over time (like the bites), wouldn’t we be seeing more spiders?!
    I’ve recently started to investigate MITES… exterminator comes tomorrow so I’ll let you know what we hear from them (if anything). :(

  26. Kristi Says:

    I moved into a new apt. about a month ago. I was getting a bite occaisionally, but not too concerned UNTIL the last two weeks, when the situation has become unbearable.
    These mites(?) are visible with close inspection, 1/16th – 1/4″ long, skinny, with my reading glasses they look to me like thin slivers of wood, I guess. The landlord accuses me of bringing them here, but I know, and many people that know me KNOW I did not have this before. He had exterminators scope the place out, they said it was not bedbugs. I pointed out areas on paper, tissues, etc., where they like to hang out when not on me. They attack me mostly on my chest and upper back, with a few on my arm, and they crawl into my ears sometimes. A couple of days after they’ve bitten, the top layer of skin becomes scaly and dry. One night I went into kind of a frenzy and gently scratched off these dead skin-covered bites on my chest. Just beneath were these elongated seed like things (larvae?), and I got some scotch tape and as I scratched them out, I taped them all to the back of an envelope… there were many dozens of them! I went to the ER last night with this envelope covered with these things, taped and in a ziplock bag. This situation seems to be making me crazy, and I mistakenly presented these to the DR. as the bugs. They looked at them with equipment and he said he had never seen anything like them in his life. I realized later at home that these would not show any legs, or other identifying features of a bug/mite themselves… these were just whatever these breeding, biting, blood-sucking creatures deposit IN me. He did, however, give me some “Permethrin” cream to be used “from head to toe”, and some Hydroxyzine PAM 25 MG capsules which is supposed to help with itching. Does anyone have anything like THIS??? It would help me just knowing I’m not alone with this. Please share a similar experience, and WHAT has worked for you. I’m desperate!

  27. Connie Says:

    On 2006 I moved in an appartment with carpet recently changed, nice appartment,then in this apartment all sort of animals I never saw in my life were there, flying ants, cockroaches, and weird animals. You must be thinking I was living in a dirty place, I’m afreak clean person, and I have never saw this animals in my entire life. the management put one of those bombs to kill all the animals, and then cockraches or animals like cockroaches were in my house again, one day I was sleeping with my daughter in the same bed she was a baby, I woke up and I saw this animal walking in the bed comming towards us, I got my baby and jumped went to se the manager and complained, they fumigated the apartment again with a bomb, and still animals comming, was the worst nightmare in my life, I started to have this bites in my body, but I could not see the animals, they were invisible, like dust. So I went to the dermatologist and gave me one of those creams (lotion)you get over the counter in the stores. I knew it wasn’t dry skin, washed all my clothes got rid of matresses, couches. In the new place I didn’t have much problem with bites, I moved to another place and another place and it seemed they went away. Then I got married and they started to appear again suddenly, well my daughter for 3 years now has told me in many accasions to scratch her back because it itches more than we call usual, I have moisturized her skin, and still itches. More than a year ago the nightmare started again but it started biting me again. My husband thought it was my invention because they were bitting me and my daughter but not him. Washed, vacummed everything, mopped, whipped everything. They kind of seemed to go away, I didn’t have more bites, but my daughter still on occasions told me her back was itching. Two weeks ago again I got bites from invisible animals, i actually have seem them they are as big as dust is, again I washed, cleaned, fumigated everything for bed bugs, and still biting, I was decided to finally get rid of them I went to the doctor, decided not to accept it was dry skin because this area is kind of desertic, but I got the same answer as many years ago from pediatrician, and my doctor. it itches like crazy, I as the lady who wrote before me, have captured what ever is biting me and put the animals in a ziplog bag. I’ve tryed to see them with a magnifier but still is difficult to see legs or see a defined shape. I am desperate, it iches very bad, after I feel the bites, specially at night, in my back, neck, and shoulders. Now is 3PM and they are biting me in my chest while I’m at work. I’ve washed my clothes in hot water every day, vacummed every day, changed pillows, my daughter got a new bed and matress, and still we have the problem. I’ve put in the freeezer clothes for weeks, put away stuff animals in closed plastic bags in cold places. Please if you find a cure PLEASE let me know.

  28. alaire fetters Says:

    I’ve have symptoms of everything above. Something is eating me alive while i sleep. I have had scabies before so i don’t think its that. I did some research and bed bugs seem to fit the symptoms. I have yet to see a bed bug. My house is covered in diatomaceous earth. I bombed, mattress cover, washed everything, and still this morning covered in bites. They are more like itchy welts, all over thighs, arms, hips, and butt. I am the only one in the household who is getting bit. I have come to tears as i am terrified to go to sleep at night. To know something is preying on me as i sleep has got me freaked out. I have not heard any rats or birds in my dwelling. I live in the country so they are nearby. I don’t have money to be calling exterminators to be let down. This has been going on for a month and I don’t know how much more i can take. Every room I sleep in they get me. I need help or at least some peace of mind

  29. tammy Says:

    My situation started several months ago. My son and i kept getting bit mainly at night. I thought it was bed bugs and paid 500.00 to have my house exterminated. Also spent another 200.00 on bed covers. Still we got bit. The exterminator thought i was nut. I had washed all of our clothes 5 times. try doing 20 loads of laundry a week. Slept with a flashlight at times. Even had a lint roller, the sticky tape type that i used on my skin. It was the invisible bug. Finally i read somewhere about rat mites. my son has a gerbil. Finally i have some answers. the bites would last 3 weeks sometimes. they itch like crazy. I am hoping this will be it. I have gotten rid of the gerbil, who did have mites. I gave him to a nice home. Told her what she was getting into. She works at a pet store and knows how to handle this. I never knew having a gerbil could be so frustrating. Monday the exterminator is coming again I hope for the last time.

  30. Melana Says:

    I have had this problem for years… Intense itching,small pin prick bites especially knees and lower indicating to me I was walking some where and picking this up. It can get all over your floors and into your bedding if your not aware. It Is invisible so far. I believe it is a form of mite. It causes red bumps that itch, do not pop and are similar to cysts,extremely itchy and uncomfortable. I have brought this issue up with family ,friends, and doctors , every one thinks your crazy. I on the other hand have taken matters into my own hands. I find hat mopping the house with clorox, spraying with perimycithin and using rubbing alcohol on my skin helps to eliminate this problem,and believe me. This is a very tenacious problem and very real.It is extremely uncomfortable and unless your dealing with it will not understand.Also highly contagious. My belief is it originates from rats because both places I feel this was aquired from has a history of them.Remove your shoes before entering hour own home.I thought I was the only one dealing with this ,apparently not.

  31. Kim Says:

    Didn’t realize there were that many people out there dealing with the same problem, getting bit,not sure by what. First let me say that about 3 months ago we found bedbugs in my daughters room, had the house sprayed 3 times,finally no more bedbugs. Now on to issue at hand, I am getting eaten alive by some kind of parasite. Crawling on the skin, face and head especially, have a lesion on the head that I have to get off. Nobody understands this, not my doctor, not even my husband. Everyone thinks I’m delusional. You try to explain that here are bites, but know one understands. Nobody else in my house is getting bit, this is why my husband doesn’t understand this situation. It seems at night is when I am under a fierce attack by this creatures. It seems like it is worse in my bedroom. Was showering one night, and it looked like a little sliver of wood came out of hair, and another evening a little red worm went across me. Been keeping my house as clean as possible, after I vaccuum, it seems like I am under attack again. Any ideas. God bless to all that are going to these horrible situations

  32. Trudy Says:

    I knew it!!! I am not crazy! We had an infestation of mice and roof rats after we cut down a large non bearing avocado tree in our backyard. My husband and I started getting itchy bites at night. Started out with 2-3 bites then became so bad I started sleeping covered neck to toe with buttoned up pj’s, socks with pant legs tucked in,ace wraps around my wrists in an effort to keep the bugs from crawling under my clothes. Looked valiently for any sign of bed bugs,none,steamed, cleaned, washed all bedding, tore apart bed frame, baseboards no signs of bedbugs. I told my husband it has to be a tiny mite, maybe rats carry them. I finally found some bedbug/flea fogger at Walmart. This helped and I again washed all bedding. I think we have finally trapped all the rats. My husband still occasionaly gets bit, me not as much. Hint to others let your sleeping partner go to bed hours before you do and the mites finish feeding before you come to bed, LOL! I am a night owl and he is not. Glad to know the cycle goes away after the source is taken care of. Read the link posted before the responses. here it is again. prevention and conrol.pdf

  33. bitesinnc Says:

    I also had a rash and bites and itching. I couldn’t see anything. I vacumned, bombed, threw furniture out, had my existing exterminator come in. Nothing worked. After reading all the posts about things like this, I had an animal control company come by to check if there were any animals getting into my attic or nesting on the roof,etc. It cost about $150 (they gave me a discount). It isn’t an exterminator, it was an animal control company. They did not find anything. The fireplace was a place a few people they said had had problems with bird’s nests.

    Next, I called 7 different exterminators who tested my house for free for bugs. Sounds like they all do this. Many have etymologists on staff or send out to another location to test. The only cost to me was buying some paper gluetraps at Lowes. You can even cut them up to make it more efficient and I placed this in almost every room and after about a week they picked them up. Not every company found something so definitely call as many as possible to come out. They found no see ums and thrips coming in from outside. I signed a yearly contract and they sprayed the ENTIRE yard and all through the house along all the baseboards, pipes, etc. They had to come back 2 weeks later and do the house again and along the sides of the house.

    I should have done this first instead of enduring all the agony. I also prayed a lot. Anyway, it’s been fine now for 3 months. I also make sure we take our shoes off when coming in the house and if my son is out in the yard for while where the woods are and there are no see ums a lot of times I put his clothes right in the laundry room so we aren’t bringing a bunch of new things in. Sometimes it just takes getting a bunch of experts to come in and look around and figure out what is wrong. A lot of time they do it for free to try to get your business. I also made appointment times in the morning so they weren’t bringing in bugs from their last job! Hope this helps

  34. Anna M. Says:

    I live in an apartment very near a marshy area in NYC on the ground floor. I have had multipke exterminators in this summer and I do not have bedbugs,scabies or fleas. No one else on my floor claims to have been bitten. The fact is I am being attacked at night by swarms of tiny what appear to be flying insects about the size of a period on a sentence. This started the last week of June when the temps rose and it got humid & also coincided with our landscaper planting the summer plants all over the complex. After much research and people insinuating I was crazy I have narrowd it down to either no see-ums of some kind of biting mite such as bird, rat, straw or chiggers. I am unemployed and spent a small fortune trying to get relief but haven’t. I am praying for the first frost. I can relate to all of you with the sleepless nights and marked skin. These bites are painful and blister up and take weeks to heal. Another landscaper told me the the gardener probably brought the bugs here in the potted plants he planted and I would have to wait for it to get cold to be rid of them. I haven’t slept at night since the end of June and my skin looks horrible. Went to an allergist who didn’t want to deal with the problem who referred me to a dermatologist. The only relief I get is when I am on prednisone which is very bad for you and cannot be used long term.

  35. Nancy - Michigan Says:

    I have had two different times I have been bitten. The first lasted three years and was only for 3-4 months at a time. A doctor took a biopsy and found out it was just regular household spiders that I was terribly allergic to. I figure out they were in my linen closet and I kept washing the linens and putting them back in and the hatching tiny spiders were in them. Once I stopped using it for anything other than metal things I was fine. This time I killed two mice which I have done before with no problem but this time I am almost positive it is the mites from them. It is getting better now that I am using Ortho Home Defense spray, do not use on furniture and follow directions and also washing with bleach and borox. Also put your clean clothes in sealable plactic bags (boxes wont’ seal bugs out). Use a steamer on your bed and clothes. I was on the Alemada County site4 and they had some good tips. I can’t see the bugs but them my eye sight is not super great but I can feel them. I steam my bed at night before I go to bed, also shower using something rough to get them off me. I wonder what brand of foggers people are using as mine did not work well at all. Good Luck to all of us. I have been treated by the pest people like I am an idiot or crazy, been told that mice don’t have mites only fleas and told that spiders couldn’t have bitten me like I said even though a doctor had proof. Keep trying things and look at invisible bug and bites, also mice or rodents and also the latin name for them and you do find lots of good info. Hope something works for you. I am putting my clean laudnry in sealable bags outside as the cold does help a little bit. If you get them in your car spray with Ortho under the seats and also under the mats.

  36. isabel newman Says:

    i got a lot of small bites.can you please help me on nevemeber 20 2012?

  37. Sherrie Johnson Says:

    About a month ago, a mouse got into the house. It was very good at hiding, so it took a few days to catch. It avoided all the traps and did not eat the poison. Since that day, I have been getting mysterious bites on my arms and legs. Only myself and my son, and only in one room in the house. The night we caught the mouse, he ran under my chair. I didn’t see him, but began itching intensely. Then he ran under the tv stand and we chased him out. Ever since I have been bitten when I sit in that room. I am the only one. We thought maybe it had fleas, but we never saw them. This morning I sat next to a string of fly paper hoping to catch something crawling toward me so that I can identify what was biting me. None were on the paper, but I recieved a cluster of bites on my elbow. Thank you for your comments, everyone. I’m going to look into possible mites and get some bug bombs. Bug spray and vaccuuming only worked for a few days then they were back.

  38. yvonne Says:

    Since november of las year bites that look like hives. Been to doctor got cream and antibiotics. He says they’re not bites but allergic reaction. Everyday I have found the bugs kileed them and there was blood. Please help me to understand what these are? My legs and arms are so ugly and scarred.

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