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Copenhagen Climate Talks: Candlelight Vigil for Mother Earth

By Gary Bogue
Monday, December 7th, 2009 at 7:36 am in Climate, Global warming.

Blue Sky. Photo by Flickr user Lilith Delilah used under a Creative Commons License
blue sky by Lilith Delilah

Dear Gary:
I would like to invite your readers to conduct candlelight vigils on the evenings of December 11 and 12.

World leaders in Copenhagen will be discussing measures to reduce the carbon dioxide composition of the atmosphere, which currently exceeds 380 parts per million. On October 24 citizens in 181 countries led 5,200 demonstrations urging their leaders to adopt 350 parts per million as a goal for reducing the affects of CO2 on climate. Local teens and adults conducted their demonstration by forming a necklace of human “beads” around the top of Mount Diablo.

Blue Sky. Photo by Flickr user foxypar4 used under a Creative Commons License
blue sky by foxypar4

The local non-profit group, EarthTeam Environmental Network, will be conducting its candlelight vigil next Friday evening (Dec. 11)  from 5 to 6 p.m. outside its office on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, next to the Ecology Center.  We are hoping that thousands of families in our area will organize similar vigils for Mother Earth. You can learn where vigils are being conducted near you by visiting
Kathy Barrett, Board President of EarthTeam, Orinda, CA

I hope this helps!

In case you and others are interested, for the latest news and information on energy and the environment, including daily updates on the 2009 UN Climate Talks from Copenhagen, check out “Clean Skies, the Energy & Environment Network” Web site at  It’s pretty interesting. The Web site is updated throughout the day. It’s a good place to keep up on what’s happening in Copenhagen. /Gary

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2 Responses to “Copenhagen Climate Talks: Candlelight Vigil for Mother Earth”

  1. Dan Says:

    I am very scepticle whether any meaningful accomplishments can be made. Nobody seems to be talking about the root of the global warming problem, it’s US. Way too many people = too many cars, habitat destruction, etc. Some day soon I fear that mother Earth will rectify the problem.

  2. Crazy Kev Says:

    Now that the lid has been blown off the global warming farce, maybe we can get back to talking rationally about reducing pollution!

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