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Cats: These special kitties need a home. Can you help?

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, January 7th, 2010 at 8:40 am in Cats, Pets.

Mama cat up for adoption. See Breanne Buck letter
Mama breanne buck

I’m trying to catch up on my never-ending stream of “lost pets, found pets and pets that need homes” mail.

Sooooo — Below are some cats that need homes. Can you help? If so, please e-mail their humans using the e-mail addresses provided below. There’s also a little story about a dead cat someone found lying in the street near their home. They carefully picked up the cat and had it cremated. The people who found the cat hope that someone might recognize it as their missing pet … and at least know that someone else cared. Thanks. /Gary

Kitten up for adoption. See Breanne Buck letter
baby breanne buck

Dear Gary:
I have these two amazing cats I am trying to find homes for. My former roommate abandoned the mother cat  and her babies when he abruptly moved out. I love her to bits, but I can’t really afford to give her simple things like medical care if it was needed. I have managed to find homes for all of her babies except one. As of January 1st, I myself have had to move out of my former residence, and my new roommate is allergic to cats. Currently, the kitties are living in my mom’s bathroom. And while this temporarily puts a roof over their head, this is by no means a permanent way for them to live. I need help in either finding them loving forever homes or putting me in contact with a group that could help me. They are two wonderfully loving cats. The mother is Balinese and the baby is one-half neighborhood black cat.
Breanne Buck, Walnut Creek, CA,

Dear Gary:
My husband and I are moving to a retirement community in AZ in February and we cannot bring our cat with us. We have a dog and we can’t have more than one animal. My problem is that “Benicia” is 15 years old. She is in great shape, has been seen by her vet all of her life, is declawed, spayed and litter trained. My husband and I are also willing to subsidize her until … you know. She decided to move to the garage a few years ago and is quite happy there but would probably move into the house with no kids. She has a “doggie” door to the yard and she comes and goes as she pleases, but never leaves the yard. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Bonnie Perez, Contra Costa County,

Dear Gary:
We live in Walnut Creek and wanted to tell you and your readers a very, very sad story that unfortunately happened to us around a little after 8 p.m. Tuesday night December 15, 2009 …

We live right off Boulevard Way in Walnut Creek, and as we were just about to arrive to our home, we unfortunately noticed a dead huge black with some white longhair Kitty in the middle of the street. We then immediately pulled over and I had a few extra towels in in back seat of my truck and went over to assist this poor cat, who maybe a few hours prior, got hit in the upper head area. We believe that this poor girl must of passed away tragically from the impact of some type of vehicle.

We absolutely did not want to leave her there in the middle of the street nor wanted to call Animal Services knowing that this is not an acceptable way for this special Kitty life to come to an end, so we wrapped her up and decided the best thing to do for this poor Kitty is to take her home with us for the night.

Right away the next morning, we called the wonderful and special staff at the veterinary hospital we have used over 18+ years now, for our many, many, many kitties. The dear front desk lady told me to absolutely bring her in right away, and when we arrived with her, we then told them this terrible story and said that we would like to have a Private Cremation and Etching done.

Unfortunately this poor Kitty had no Collar nor “Micro Chip,” so we do not know if maybe this special Kitty belonged to someone or maybe she was just a homeless kitty. We are asking you if you would be so kind and see if any of your readers is unfortunately missing a huge beautiful Kitty with long hair, black and some white, and if so, could they please contact you and then, if you please, contact us. Thank you in advance for your help.
N. & M., Walnut Creek

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2 Responses to “Cats: These special kitties need a home. Can you help?”

  1. Arlene Buck Says:

    My daughter forgot to say that these cats are so sweet and gentle and they like to follow you around the house. Mommy kitty is only a few years old. She is so beautiful and sweet, I only wish I could keep her, but I have 2 cats and a dog already.These 2 babies need to stay indoor cats!

  2. Abbie Says:

    hello, I’m just a kid, when I’m older I would love to help you :) I’m so sorry you have to do that, it’s so sad! So I will sure be helping you, I’m sorry, I love all animlas dogs and kittens the best, and cats, and when I grow up I’m going to work in the RSPCA, I’m just a kid, sorry. I’ll get my parents to know about this, they’ll give them good homes xxx

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