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Pheasants: Anyone missing a silver pheasant? I know where it is.

By Gary Bogue
Friday, February 19th, 2010 at 6:55 am in Exotic wildlife, Pheasants.

Silver pheasant by Danny Guiao, Concord, CA
silver pheasant craig elliott concord

We live in the Crossings area of Concord, CA. Attached is a picture of a visitor that landed on the backyard fence and spent some time in the backyard last week. Any clue as to what it is? Possibly someone’s pet?
Craig Elliott, Concord, CA

It’s a silver pheasant (native to Southeast Asia and China). Probably escaped from someone’s aviary. That’s why it is so tame. This happens occasionally. I usually get an exotic pheasant photo to identify 2-3 times a year.

Silver pheasant by Nick Virgallito, Concord, CA
silver p nick virgallito

I just got a call from Nick Virgallito, who also lives in the Crossings. Apparently “your” silver pheasant has now wandered into the area around his house on Leatherwood Court.

Anyone out there missing a silver pheasant? Drop me an e-mail at and I’ll put you in contact with Craig and Nick and they can direct you to your missing bird.

In the meantime, everybody please enjoy looking at this BEAUTIFUL bird! /Gary

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3 Responses to “Pheasants: Anyone missing a silver pheasant? I know where it is.”

  1. Karen Says:

    What a beautiful bird!!!

  2. Denise Says:

    Hi Silver Pheasant spotters. My husband and I just saw one on our back hill. It looked just like your picture. 7:43pm off of Diablo Rd. in Danville. It is beautiful! Much better looking than those turkeys.

  3. gina Says:

    I found this same pheasant in our yard last night and still here today just hanging out. I live in florida and never seen anything like it. It will let you walk right up to it it is beautiful. Where do they come from i wonder where he came from i live in a very congested area(non city). If anyone knows please let me know.

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