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Pet care tips for Valentine’s Day & all year long

Jasmine the cat by Bogue

From time-to-time I get news releases sent to me that are filled with handy information that should be useful to pet owners and others. If you have a pet living with your family, I think you’ll find the information below to be very helpful. /Gary

Pet Poison Helpline has compiled a list of 14 ways pet owners can shower their pets with love and affection – not only on Valentine’s Day – but year round. From making sure pets stay fit, to keeping poisonous items out of reach, the following tips will ensure pets stay healthy and happy and will (hopefully) be around for many Valentine’s Days to come.
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Posted on Tuesday, February 9th, 2010
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Brown pelican crisis pushes wildlife groups to breaking point

Brown pelicans at IBRRC. Photo by IBRRC
Pelicans-storms-2010-group-aviary ibrrc

Our friends at International Bird Rescue Research Center in Fairfield have a problem: Too many brown pelicans. IBRRC and three other wildlife rescue centers in Southern California have taken in nearly 500 of the giant starving and wet birds since Jan. 1.  Pelicans take up an enormous amount of care and space and eat huge quantities of fish daily. The end result is the centers have run out of space and funds to care for the birds. They are VERY concerned that they may have to temporarily stop taking in these birds because off their dwindling resources (space, funds).

These organizations need our help in the form of cash donations to help them care for these distressed birds … and they particularly need financial support from the state (Dept. of Fish and Game) and Federal (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) authorities who are ultimately responsible for the pelicans.

Please do what you can to help. Thanks. /Gary

Here is a news release I received from IBRRC on Friday:
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Posted on Monday, February 8th, 2010
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Brutal rattlesnake roundups have got to stop

Rattlesnake orgy? Photo by Flickr user Finious Fingers used under a Creative Commons License.
rattler orgy finious fingers

The Feb. 4 issue of the weekly e-newsletter of the Center for Biological Diversity has a piece on something that has been bothering me since I was a kid: Rattlesnake Roundups.

I like snakes and used to collect them in my childhood days, before I realized they should be left free in the wild. I was horrified to learn about these Rattlesnake Roundups, where the beautiful reptiles were collected in huge numbers, and killed so their meat and skins could be sold. Disgusting.

Fortunately, the Center for Biological Diversity is trying to put an end to it. You can see what they have to say about it below. /Gary
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Posted on Friday, February 5th, 2010
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Hummingbirds fill their nests with fairy tale fillings

Hummingbird nest by Ben Phipps, Benicia, California
hum nest ben phipps benicia

Hi Gary,  enjoy your column very much.
I’ve been feeding my “Hummers” in the backyard for most of the 25 years that I’ve lived here in Benicia.  Always thought that they must have had many nests over the years but never had a clue where to look until just last week.

I saw a Hummingbird fly into and disappear in our Jacaranda tree.  After much looking, I found the Hummingbird sitting on, and protecting as I found out, a beautiful, tiny nest.
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Posted on Thursday, February 4th, 2010
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Ex-SF Mayor Willie Brown advises 49ers to hire Michael Vick. OOPS!

Michael Vick & Bella’s revenge. Photo by Flickr user nineball2727 used under a Creative Commons License.
vick nineball2727

Willie Brown — ex-San Francisco Mayor, former California Assembly Speaker and present columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle — wrote the following in his column while I was on vacation in Panama these last couple of weeks:

“Memo to the 49ers: Hire Michael Vick.
“One, you need a quarterback. Two, he would increase ticket sales instantly.

“As for the firestorm that would erupt over Vick’s conviction for dogfighting, I say, do what they did in Philadelphia. Ride it out.”

Photo by Flickr user irina slutsky used under a Creative Commons License.
willie brown irina slutsky

Willie Brown is EXTREMELY knowledgeable when it comes to ANYTHING that has to do with politics. But he has a LOT to learn about the animal welfare community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I’d be shocked if the 49ers even considered hiring Vick, but I’ve been shocked before. If they do hire Vick, keep your head down. Film (or is that flim-flam?) at 11:00. /Gary

Posted on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010
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