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Canada goose: She’s back! Times’ Mother Goose is nesting on our roof again!

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 at 9:01 am in Bird nests, Birds, Canada Goose, Wildlife.

Mother Goose sitting on her rooftop nest in 2009
cct goose

A female Canada goose has returned once again to build her nest on a Contra Costa Times’ rooftop for the 5th year in a row.

It almost didn’t happen.

Mother Goose and the chicks she raised last year in 2009
Mother Goose1

Our Mother Goose normally nests on top of a truck awning outside the Times’ production office. This small, solid roof/awning covers an area where delivery trucks can back in to deliver their shipments. There’s a row of redwood trees nearby and dried redwood duff (twigs, branches, needles, etc.) falls onto the roof. In the past, Mother Goose has scraped this “soft” dried material up into a nest pile, scooped out a depression in the middle and laid her eggs.

This year we had a problem. One of the drain pipes got plugged and in the process of cleaning it out, the entire rooftop was hosed clean. That’s a pretty standard procedure, except for the fact that in this particular situation, all that trashy “stuff” that got hosed off was the dried materials that Mother Goose uses to build her nest.

Fortunately, the nice clean roof was spotted and we managed to get it dirty again in record time. Many thanks to the Times’ publisher, facilities supervisor, facilities manager, vice president of operations and other employees who rushed to get a big pile of that very important nesting material hauled back up on the roof in time for Mother Goose to build her new nest and lay her eggs.

It takes a world to make a village … or a Mother Goose nest.

A Canada goose normally lays anywhere from two to eight eggs and then spends the next 28 days incubating them until they hatch. It looks like Mother Goose started laying her eggs on Friday, Feb. 26, this year. As of Monday, March 1, it looked like there were four eggs being incubated, with hopefully more to come. The eggs should hatch approximately 28 days after they were laid, which should be around March 26.

Now, thanks to Ray Saint Germain, senior multimedia producer, you can watch our Mother Goose yourself during daylight hours via our new Webcam:

When Mother Goose takes a break, she will cover her eggs with nest material to keep them insulated and warm until she returns, so don’t panic if you see an empty nest. She’ll be back soon. (If Mother Goose stands up to straighten her eggs while you are watching, and you can see and count the eggs, please do so and list the number of eggs under “comments” below.)

Enjoy! /Gary

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2 Responses to “Canada goose: She’s back! Times’ Mother Goose is nesting on our roof again!”

  1. suziq Says:

    This morning I was watching her turn her eggs and only saw 5 for sure. There may have been others that I couldn’t see.

  2. michelle claussen Says:

    The only video I saw is the one that was posted on March 2nd..I wanted to watch her during her progress….. How do I do that. Has she had ber babies ?????

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