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Florida’s pythons: Pay $26 for a License To Kill

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 at 7:32 am in Exotic wildlife, Pythons.

Pythons. Photo by Flickr user wildxplorer used under a Creative Commons License
pythons wildxplorer

Pythons, boas, anacondas, monitor lizards, iguanas and other exotic invasive species have become a serious problem in the South Florida everglades. Thousands of these creatures thrive and reproduce in the state’s tropical climate and are competing with the state’s native wild species.

Monday was the first day of the state of Florida’s hunting season for all of the above mentioned exotic animals. All you need to do is buy a hunting license and a special $26 permit for the “privilege” of hunting and killing these non-native creatures.

Burmese python. Photo by Flickr user wwarby used under a Creative Commons License.
python, burmese, wwarby

Since exotics are a continuing problem … why is the state charging its citizens to help them get rid of these unwanted animals?

Have we finally reached the point where the state is going to start charging us to do the jobs that the state should be doing itself?

Florida should be PAYING its citizens to help remove these exotic species from the wild. Get real.

What does Florida think it is … California? /Gary

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One Response to “Florida’s pythons: Pay $26 for a License To Kill”

  1. Jerry Counts Says:

    It was government that accepted tax money and permit money to let the importers and the zoos have these creatures.

    Now, it is going to have to be government that pays people to go into the swamp and kill and capture these creatures.

    If the government continues to sit back and try to make more money, instead of being pro-active and getting people in the Glades to do the job, they will continue to get what they are getting now. More snakes and less of our natural resources.

    Consider this number.

    150000 snakes.

    About 50/50 Male and female.

    About 50% mate and have offspring and 50% don’t every year.

    Snakes have up to 100 healthy offspring a season.

    The math is 37,500 X 100.

    Now for those of you that are not Mathematically inclined, we are less than a YEAR away from dealing with the 3,750,000 Pythons in Florida.

    Now it seems to me, that we need to address this issue NOW, while we have a chance to properly deal with it, before it gets completely out of control and irreparably damages Florida’s ecosystem, if it hasn’t done so already.

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