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Mother Goose Reality Show: Watch her nest on our Webcam!

By Gary Bogue
Friday, March 12th, 2010 at 7:18 am in Geese, Mother Goose.

Mother Goose and Dad. (Dan Rosenstrauch/staff)
Mother Goose2

Time for our Mother Goose Reality Show!

Mama Goose is nesting on the roof of the Contra Costa Times in Walnut Creek, California. You can watch her incubating her eggs, preening, carefully turning her eggs and enjoying life as she waits for her eggs to hatch.

Watch our Mother Goose as long and as much as you like by clicking on

Enjoy! We sure are! /Gary

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3 Responses to “Mother Goose Reality Show: Watch her nest on our Webcam!”

  1. Judy Staveris Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Read your column every day it is in the paper. Love it, love it, love it!!!
    It makes me cry sometimes, I know how it feels to lose a pet all too well, yet I know how much joy they bring us as well.
    My family and I love Mother Gooose and wanted to let you know what a wonderful thing you guys at the paper did by getting her nesting material back on the roof.
    My little ones ages 4 and 6 wanted me to ask you where is the Daddy Goose?

    We watch Mother Gooose several times a day and can’t wait for her eggs to hatch!

    Keep up the wonderful column, it is nice to know there are those of us that love our animals soo much!

    best regards,

    Judy Staveris and family

  2. Barbara Mountrey Says:

    My husband and I were delighted to read about Mother Goose in the Monterey Herald today. I clicked the link above, but Yahoo says the page cannot be found! Is there another way to connect to the webcam?

    Thanks for your caring and often amusing column; I’m glad our paper has started running it.

  3. Gay Tsuma Says:

    Hi Gary,

    Have been watching Mother Goose, can you tell me why she looks like she is panting? Is this normal for her? I watched last year and don’t remember her doing it.

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