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C.C. Humane Society opens Kitty Corner to help Animal Services Dept.

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, March 25th, 2010 at 8:40 am in Cats, Contra Costa Humane Society, Kittens.

Photo by Flickr user WF&DT used under a Creative Commons License
cats in space WF&DT

The month of March brought with it the much anticipated opening of one of the Contra Costa Humane Society’s newest programs: Kitty Corner!

Kitty Corner is a private shelter that houses some of Contra Costa County Animal Services’ surplus adult cats.  During kitten season, many adult cats find themselves out of luck as decreased space and heightened interest in young kittens means that adult cats (even as young as one year old!) are often overlooked. In addition, the current economy has caused surrender rates to increase while decreasing adoptions.

With this first-of-its-kind partnership between a local rescue group and Animal Services, CCHS hopes to help offload some of the feline frenzy that fills the public shelter every Spring, Summer and Fall by providing additional off-site space at CCHS.

Photo by Flickr user scragz used under a Creative Commons License
clover my cat  scragz

Feline guests at Kitty Corner enjoy spacious 4’x4’x7’ enclosures and are able to free-roam throughout the day.  Window-front climbing structures, cat towers and comfortable chairs allow cats to relax in the sun and watch the world go by while they await their forever homes.  Kitty Corner can hold up to 20 adult cats.

According to CCHS Executive Director David Stegman, “Shelter-based rescue is the key to reducing unnecessary euthanasia in every county Animal Services facility.  We believe that collaborative partnerships with the county, in cooperation with other participating agencies, businesses and local residents, will save more animals and help more people.”

If you’d like to help make Kitty Corner successful, your support is VERY MUCH needed and appreciated. All monetary and supply donations are tax deductible, and volunteers are necessary to ensure the day-to-day functioning of the shelter.

*** Needed supplies include new and/or slightly used (disinfected) cat scratching posts and towers; new covered litter boxes and Arm & Hammer or Swheat Scoop kitty litter; new cat toys; Purina Adult Cat dry and wet food.

*** Volunteers are also especially needed to join the Care Team, where they clean, play & tend to the daily needs of the cats.

For information on volunteering at Kitty Corner, please contact the CCHS volunteer department at 925-279-2247, ext. 301.  For general information on CCHS or donation information, please call the office directly at 925-279-2247.

This is a great program. Please give them a helping hand. Thanks. /Gary

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  1. Gay Tsuma Says:

    Dear Gary,
    About a week ago a young Tom cat showed up in our back yard. He was very thin with runny eyes and a big abcess on the right side of his face. I started feeding him and giving him water, he is friendly but so beat up. I didn’t want to take him to the pound to be put down and he is doing better but we already have 4 cats. Is there anyplace I can call who will help him and not put him down?

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