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Mother Goose gets 7 chicks to jump safely from Times’ rooftop nest!

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, April 1st, 2010 at 2:09 pm in Canada Goose, Geese.

Father Goose, Mother Goose and their little family head off into the sunset. (Mark DuFrene/staff)

Mother Goose, who built her nest on the roof of the Contra Costa Times in Walnut Creek, California, hatched out seven goslings from her eggs on Tuesday and Wednesday … and then got all seven of her chicks to JUMP off the roof this morning!

Ray Saint Germain and Gary herd Mother Goose and her chicks out of the Times’ parking lot. (Mark DuFrene/staff)

It was VERY exciting and they ALL survived without a single problem. We then gently herded Mother Goose and her chicks to a large grassy field next to the Times, where they met up with Father Goose. They were all last seen marching across the field to a nearby pond.

Read more about this exciting event and view a slide show of them jumping off the roof and a video recording of everything that happened! LOTS better than TV!

Enjoy! I sure did! /Gary

Gary uses a blanket to “coax” Mother Goose and her chicks to a nearby pond. (Mark DuFrene/staff)

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2 Responses to “Mother Goose gets 7 chicks to jump safely from Times’ rooftop nest!”

  1. Linda Kelly Says:

    Congratulations, CCTimes staffers! Mother Goose and her mate are probably making plans for nest improvements next year. You’ve all done very well!

  2. Sandy Jones Says:

    Great pictures Gary. I like it that your spiffy self is included! This is just what I wanted for a finishing touch. Again thanks to all of the staff there that helped with this great story. Orinda Valley Garden Club thanks you too! Sandy

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