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Wolf hunt ends in Idaho, Montana — after killing 500

By Gary Bogue
Monday, April 12th, 2010 at 7:30 am in Wolves.

Lonely wolf. Photo by Flickr user Ghetu Daniel used under a Creative Commons License
lonely wolf Ghetu Daniel

Here’s an important (and sad) item from the weekly e-newsletter for the Center for Biological Diversity. /Gary

E-Newsletter, Center for Biological Diversity, April 8, 2010, “Wolf Hunts End in Idaho, Montana — After Killing 500″:
Last week as Idaho’s wolf-hunting season finally came to a close, the Center for Biological Diversity and wildlife lovers across the country mourned the killings of more than 500 imperiled northern Rockies gray wolves by hunters and the feds.

Gray wolves. Photo by Flickr user dobak used under a Creative Commons License
gray wolves dobak

The Idaho hunt, plus a similar season in Montana, followed the Interior Department’s 2009 removal of those states’ wolves from the federal endangered species list — along with a green light for both states to reduce their wolf populations to just 100-150 animals in each state.

Right now, the Yellowstone ecosystem has only 76 breeding individuals, while scientists say the wolves need hundreds if not thousands of breeders to avoid genetically unraveling.

“Beyond the animals needlessly shot, hunting wolves disrupts family bonds, can leave pups to starve, and contributes to the dangerous genetic isolation of wolves in Yellowstone,” said the Center’s Michael Robinson. “We are eager to see northern Rockies wolves restored to the endangered species list, and the results of these hunts bolster our legal claims.”

The Center and a dozen allies, represented by Earthjustice, are currently in court to reinstate northern Rockies wolves’ Endangered Species Act protections before it’s too late.

Gray wolf. Photo by Flickr user Fremlin used under a Creative Commons License
wolf2 Fremlin

Check out our press release ( and learn more about our campaign for northern Rockies gray wolves (

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  1. kaaren Smith Says:

    This makes me so sad, along with every injustice humans can do to animals. I can’t stand it. I wish I had millions to take them and hide them somewhere. What is wrong with our society! It’s getting worse and worse.

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