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Mother Goose: More pix of goslings after they left Times’ rooftop nest

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 at 7:44 am in Canada Goose, Mother Goose.

Goslings 3 days old at Shadelands pond. Photo by Ann & Bill, Concord, CA
thegeese, ann, bill

Hi Gary:
I was thrilled to watch the Mother Goose story from the hatching to the swan dives and the slide show of ma & pa taking the goslings to the pond.

The next day my husband and I went the pond area (at the business next to the Contra Costa Times) and saw them on the green. Went back the next day and saw them swimming in the pond. Two days later we walked the whole network of creeks and ponds and did not see them. Went back again yesterday and today and can’t find them. We did see  two other geese on nests with eggs. Each in a different area. Also two ducklings swimming.

Goslings 3 days old at Shadelands pond. Photo by Ann & Bill, Concord, CA
thegeese2 ann, bill

What could have happened to them? I worry that they may have been run off by a dog, although it doesn’t seem likely in that area. Is there another pond area near by or am I just not seeing them?  We’ll appreciate your input on this.
Ann & Bill from Concord

Goslings approx. 2 weeks old with mom, dad and white goose nanny at Heather Pond. Photo by Ann & Bill, Concord, CA
4geese, ann, bill

Ann & Bill:
In the past, Mom and Pop goose have marched their chicks down Oak Grove Road to where the canal and jogging trail cross the street. They all hop into the canal and paddle off to Heather Pond in Walnut Creek. Or … there are so many nooks and crannies in Shadelands Industrial Park, there’s no telling where they might be. A couple of years ago I was monitoring the goose and her chicks and they disappeared from the little pond for 3-4 days before reappearing. So there may even be another or other “secret” little ponds in the courtyards of these businesses.
Hope this helps. Thanks for caring. /Gary

Goslings approx. 2 weeks old with mom at Heather Pond. Photo by Ann & Bill, Concord, CA
ann, bill, moregeese

Hi Gary:
I’m so excited! Thanks to your experienced and expert advise, we went to Heather Farms pond and there they were! At first we thought we had the wrong family because of the white goose. It soon became apparent that she has signed on as a nanny/body guard. Isn’t this very unusual? I would think Mother or Father would run her off. Instead she (he?) is now part of the family.

I’ve attached photos at the business park when they were three days old (April 2) and the others were taken today (April 12). Out of about 50 geese, these were the only goslings. Isn’t that also unusual?

Thanks again for starting this wonderful saga.
Ann & Bill, Concord

Goslings approx. 2 weeks old with white goose nanny at Heather Pond. Photo by Ann & Bill, Concord, CA
ann, bill, moregeese2

Ann & Bill:
Geese will often commonly work together to help share the care of goslings. The white goose obviously is feeling maternal. I’ve never seen a white goose helping Canada geese, but I’ve seen Canada geese helping other Canada geese before.

Whatever works. Thanks for taking all the trouble to send me these great photos. My other readers should REALLY enjoy them! Until next year … /Gary

Goslings approx. 2 weeks old at Heather Pond. Photo by Ann & Bill, Concord, CA
thegeese3, ann, bill

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7 Responses to “Mother Goose: More pix of goslings after they left Times’ rooftop nest”

  1. Mari Bodnar Says:

    as my 4-year old grandson, justin, would say, “dood job, grandpa, grandma!” “dood” photos of beautiul birds, i would say. such patience, persistence. congrats! see you at the center.


  2. your son Larry Says:

    you guys are the best, love the white goose.Great pics.

  3. shim Says:

    My wife and I walk around Lake Merritt3 to 5 times a week and have observed several generations of goslings grow up. We’ve had two nanny geese that I have often seen leading a parade of Canada goose adults and babies, both on land and in the water, honking as if to say, “Make way for the Canada geese! Coming through!” My wife says these nannies are French geese. We call both of them Mrs. Doubtfire who, of course, is a fictional nannie female impersonator! Thanks for the great pix!

  4. sandi Says:

    Lots of species of geese adopt the canada babies & help parent them. Often these geese are not paired up since another of their species is not available. Sometimes these geese mate with canadas and we have some rather odd hybrids at Lake Merritt. Sad to say, but these babies are predated upon rather often by hawks, herons and other animals. It is a wonder that they survive so well. I guess it is because the moms, dads and adoptive aunties and uncles are big and nasty to potential predators. The ducklings don’t do as well.

  5. Milan Says:

    Hi I have found 4 baby goslings and would like to know if other parant geese would adopt them, there are currently 2 families of canadian geese by my house with around 15 babies between them and are doing things together so I thought that they would accept the 4 that I have, Any ideas will it work or no

  6. Gary Bogue Says:

    To Milan: Yes, other parent geese should adopt them. Just release them in with the other goslings. It has worked for me in the past and with many of my other readers. Good luck! And thanks for caring. /Gary

  7. Diane Trenam Says:

    Gary –
    When will Mother Goose be back to lay more eggs. I love watching the whole process.
    Thanks, Diane

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