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Skunk spray your pet? Here’s an easy formula to get rid of the smell

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 at 8:51 am in Skunks.

Backyard skunk by Lois Bogue, Benicia, CA

I’m getting a lot of requests for this “Skunk Off” recipe to help people clean skunk spray off of  dogs that have encountered those little stinkers in their backyards this spring.

Stick this formula on your refrigerator door so it will be handy in case you ever need it. It’s easy to make and as I said, it chemically neutralizes that very bad smell.

TAKE: 1 quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (from a pharmacy); ¼-cup baking soda; 1 teaspoon liquid soap (I use Dawn). Mix it all together and wash the sprayed animal, massaging it in for about 5 minutes, keeping the mixture out of its eyes, nose and mouth. Rinse thoroughly with tap water.

Don’t bottle this stuff. The mix causes a mild chemical reaction and it could escape into a BIG mess if confined in a bottle.

Based on feedback from hundreds of users, this recipe, as listed, is a suitable quantity for a small dog. Double the above amount for medium-size dogs. Triple it for large dogs.

It’s amazingly effective. /Gary

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One Response to “Skunk spray your pet? Here’s an easy formula to get rid of the smell”

  1. Janet Fairchild Says:

    Skunk Question:

    Our dog got skunked a couple of days ago. I’ve smelled run-over skunk smell on the highways ever since I remember, but the smell this skunk left didn’t smell like that.

    It’s hard to describe smells, but the skunk smell I’m familiar with is what I’d call a deep, dark musky smell. This smell, even 3 days later, is a higher, less musky and more chemically smell.

    Am I losing my nose? We saw the skunk (striped one), so there’s no doubt what it was. But the only similarity to the odor I’m familiar with is that it is incredibly unpleasant and continues to linger, even though we used your very good skunk smell remedy.

    Anybody have any idea about this “different” skunk smell?


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