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Chemical dispersants move oil out of sight & out of mind

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 at 8:06 am in Oil, Oil Spills.

Gulf oil spill slick. Photo by U.S. Coast Guard
gulf-oil-spill-slick-2010, US Coast Guard

When chemical dispersants are sprayed onto the oil that’s floating on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, it makes the oil disperse into the water. It makes it sink.

Whether the oil that has been changed into tiny droplets by the dispersants will then be  rendered harmless by natural organisms … or it will coat the ocean floor and cause further damage to underwater creatures … all depends on which group of scientists  you are listening to at the moment.

Whatever dispersants do, good or bad, it’s my guess that BP loves them for yet another reason. Once sprayed by the dispersants, the black, shiny, OBVIOUS oil sinks out of sight … and out of mind. And the news media stops writing about it, and people stop thinking about it.

Let’s see, now, what were we talking about? /Gary

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One Response to “Chemical dispersants move oil out of sight & out of mind”

  1. James Says:

    the right wing and a lot of politicians are and have been in the pocket of oil companies and big business for so long. that is why the obsstruction ist republican party has doen and will do or say nothing and actually a lot on dem are very guilty as well. the news media for the most part only give a biased side for most of the time its all about air time and gettig you to watch thier programming so they can collect the advertising dollars paid to them by the very companies they almost trash on their programs. FUCK them all

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