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Martinez Beaver Matriarch dead, June 26, 2010

By Gary Bogue
Monday, June 28th, 2010 at 8:15 am in Beavers, Martinez Beavers.

Mom Beaver (Cheryl Reynolds/Worth A Dam)
Mom 2, worth a dam

I received a sad bit of news over the weekend. The Mama beaver in Martinez (CA) died on Saturday. /Gary

This is from Heidi Perryman, Ph. D, president of Worth A Dam, the organization dedicated to maintaining the Martinez Beavers in Alhambra Creek:

Mom Beaver (Cheryl Reynolds/Worth A Dam)
Mom 2, worth a dam

Martinez Beaver Matriarch Dead: June 26. 2010
By Heidi Perryman, Ph.D.

After at least 6 years and 15 live births, mother beaver is dead today (Saturday, June 26). Supporters have been concerned since Wednesday about her declining health and found her this morning near Starbucks, listless and disoriented.

She was unable to move or feed herself and Worth A Dam members live captured her to bring to Lindsay Wildlife Museum Hospital in Walnut Creek. Beaver families revolve around the adult female, and mom beaver was a particular favorite in Martinez because of her unique tail markings and nurturing of the kits.

She was examined by Shannon Riggs, Associate Veterinarian for the Lindsay Wildlife facility, who noted that she had injured her upper palate with teeth that were too long from inadequate gnawing. In addition to the wound being infected, she had a broken incisor. It was thought that she wasn’t strong enough to treat and she was euthanized. The failure to chew was likely a symptom of another illness and her body was brought to UC Davis for necropsy so that the exact cause of her decline can be understood.

Just 19 days ago her new kits were seen for the first time. The three are between 7-8 weeks old and able to feed themselves. A two year-old yearling from the 2008 litter has been seen to take on the kits’ care and keep an eye on them.

“There are no orphans among beavers. The family will take care of the kits”, said Worth A Dam president, Heidi Perryman. “I’m just grateful that Mom was able to hang on long enough to leave us with this final gift.”

For more information or footage of the mother beaver, go to the website

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